Summer FAQ

Updated May 27th, 2022 **Will The Art Garage hold Summer classes for kids this summer?** We will hold week long summer classes for students ages 3-12 with half day (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) and full day options as well. We expect our summer classes and experiences to evolve as new health orders are updated. This includes limited spaces, social distancing, and masks required among other things. Please read through our [COVID FAQ]( for the most up to date information.  Feel free to call us, 303-377-2353, if you have any additional questions! **Is there a waitlist for full classes?** The Art Garage has a notification system if a space becomes available. Sign in (or up) to your Art Garage account, find the desired class and select the “Alert me” button below the full class. You will receive an email if a space becomes available. All parents who have signed up for an alert for the class will be notified _simultaneously_ and registration will be first-come, first-served through our website. **Is there an option for full day camps?** The Art Garage offers half day camps from 9am-12pm (AM) and 1pm-4pm (PM). Students have the option to sign up for both the AM and PM camps and stay at The Art Garage for the full day (9am-4pm). Students who attend full day may pack a lunch and eat with staff between 12pm-1pm. **Will the students be inside or outside?** Classes will be held both inside and outside the building. Classes will take place inside for the majority of the time, but students may work outside during class for specific projects and media. The Art Garage will close its bay doors if external temperatures exceed 80 degrees in order to maximize the efficiency of our swamp cooler and keep our students cool and comfortable. In this case, entry doors and windows will be left open to increase air circulation. Kids' classes lasting 3 hours or more will take an OUTDOOR snack and story break during class if external temperatures exceed 50 degrees. Please make sure your student is dressed in weather-appropriate clothing for being outside during snack time.  If it is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside or in the event of extreme weather,  students will eat their snack indoors, distanced 6 feet or more apart. **What if you encounter bad weather outside?** If there is bad weather outside, we may need to delay the class start time or cancel class if we are not able to properly keep kids at 3-6ft or more apart. We will notify you via phone and email ASAP if we encounter this. **Do I need to pack a snack and water?** Yes. Please pack a snack and water bottle for your student(s) each day of class.  The Art Garage will not be providing snacks in order to keep our students as safe as possible.  If your student is enrolled in both the morning and afternoon class, please pack a lunch for them to eat in between classes as well. **Do students have to wear masks?** Yes. Masks are required for students 3 years and older whenever possible and encouraged for students 2 years and older.  Students will be able to take off their masks during snack time, when we will be outside sitting 3-6ft apart. **What should my child wear?** Students 3 years and older are required to masks at The Art Garage whenever possible and masks are encouraged for students 2 years and older. Please dress your child to get messy, as not all paint we use in class comes out of clothing.  Summer camp students will receive one Art Garage t-shirt per summer that we recommend students use throughout their camp as an art smock.  We also have new Art Garage shirts available in a variety of sizes for a suggested donation of $10 each.  With  snack time for 3-hour classes being outside, it is also important that students wear or bring weather appropriate clothing and sun protection to class. **What is your pick up and drop off protocol?** Both sign-in and sign-out will take place at our gate. Adults will have the option to walk their students into/out of class after signing in/out at the gate with our staff. If adults do not wish to walk their students in/out of class, they will be walked to/from class by a staff member.  Parents and guardians picking up and dropping off students will need to wear masks and keep 3-6 feet distant from staff, other parents, and other students. **Can my child sign themselves in and out of class?** Yes, if you complete a drop off/pick up waiver for your child and they are at least 9 years old.  This waiver can be found in your student’s online profile under "Alternate Transportation Permission." You can access your student’s profile by logging into your online Art Garage account, clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner, and selecting “My Account.” Click the “Students” tab on the left hand side of the screen and choose a student’s profile to edit by clicking on their name. **What are my options if a registered student is unable to attend a class they are registered for?** You can donate your registration to The Art Garage to scholarship a student who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend or with two week notice we are able to transfer the student to another class if space allows. **Can a student transfer into a different class than what we registered for?** Yes, with two week notification prior to your start date we are able to transfer a student to a different class if space allows.  Space is very limited this summer so please call us ASAP to transfer a registration to another class at 303-377-2353. **Can I give or sell my registration to a friend?** Yes. A sale or gift of your registration to a third party is permitted. The Art Garage MUST be notified of any changes to your registration and the purchaser or recipient of your registration must create an account on The Art Garage’s website if they do not already have one. A new account can be created by going [HERE]( **I would like to speak to someone regarding protocol.  Who can I speak with?** Please call us at 303-377-2353 and we are happy to answer any questions. **My child is registered with a friend and in the same social circle/quarantine pod, can they sit together in class?** No.  You can inform administration of children in the same social circle/quarantine pod, but in order to keep social distancing amongst peers all students’ desks will be separated and students will sit 3-6 feet apart. Other children will have friends in the class or be making new friends and we have established this protocol for the safety of every child, child’s family, staff and staff’s family along with the general community. If there are siblings in the class that live in the same household they will be able to sit together if they choose. **I have children in different age groups.  Can we combine them into the same class?** In order to best meet the needs of each student we would like to keep kids in their specified age groups.  If your child is not registered for the appropriate age group you risk losing your registration for that class. If you have concerns about this, please contact Art Garage at 303-377-2353. **How many students will be in my class?** Depending on the age of students, class topic and studio we will have the proper class size appropriate for all students to remain at 3-6ft or more apart for the duration of class. **Does my child need to attend summer classes for the entire week?** We encourage your child to attend the full week of our summer classes to get the full experience and to ensure that the students finish their projects. **Can you pro-rate a week long summer class if my child can not attend the full week?** No **If my child is 3 years old, can they attend classes for the full day 9am-4pm?** Our morning classes 9am-12pm are for our three year old students. We have found the afternoon class or full day has proven to be uniquely challenging for a three year old child. In order to provide highest quality of programing we are only offering half day classes for our three year old students. **If my child is (5 or 8) can they join the next age group up (6-8 or 9-12 yr olds)?** Your child's birthdate must be within a month (turning 6 or 9) in order to register for the older age group. As our classes are combined ages, we want to ensure that our instructors are meeting the needs and challenging the participants in age appropriate ways and therefor, it is important to register your child for the correct age group. **Can we carpool with another family to class?** Yes, carpooling is not an issue for pick up and drop off. Please note that only siblings will be able to sit close together in class. Friends will adhere to the 6ft social distancing in our classroom no matter if they are in the same quarantine pod. **Is student work ever displayed during camp?** We encourage our instructors to have a Friday Reflection time. This will consist of a teacher’s choice “roundtable” type discussion about the student’s artwork, experience that week, or an art show. If the instructor does hold an art show all parents will be notified and can join at the end of class on Friday.