April 12, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  APRIL 12, 2020

You'll need:
* Chalk pastels or sidewalk chalk
* A shallow tub (tupperware or a cake pan will work great! You could even try this in the bathtub!)
* Paper, cut to a size that will fit into your container
* Something to scrape the chalk with (a plastic knife works well)

Fill your container with about a half inch of water and scrape the chalk lengthwise, letting the chalk flakes fall into the water. The chalk dust will float on top of the water and you can get creative with the colors of chalk and the patterns you make while scraping! For younger kids, you might want to scrape chalk for them onto a paper plate or napkin and let them sprinkle the dust into the tub. Next grab your paper and gently place it on the surface of the water for a marbled, speckled, one-of-a-kind print! You'll want to let your paper sit for about a minute and press it gently to make sure it's absorbing the chalk. Watercolor paper will hold up best, but any paper will do! Let your creations dry somewhere flat and repeat this fun and easy project as much as you'd like!

Find out more about this project and other at-home art ideas here! And don't forget to share your project photos with us by tagging us with @artgaragedenver on Facebook and Instagram!


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