Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

### **CLASS FAQ** **If my child is 3 years old, can they attend classes for the full day 9am-4pm?** Our morning classes 9am-12pm are for our three year old students. We have found the afternoon class or full day has proven to be uniquely challenging for a three year old child. In order to provide highest quality of programing we are only offering half day classes for our three year old students. **If my child is (5 or 8) can they join the next age group up (6-8 or 9-12 yr olds)?** Your child's birthdate must be within a month (turning 6 or 9) in order to register for the older age group. As our classes are combined ages, we want to ensure that our instructors are meeting the needs and challenging the participants in age appropriate ways and therefor, it is important to register your child for the correct age group. **Do I need to pack my child their own snack?** Yes, please pack your child a peanut free snack and water.  We are not able to provide any snacks at this time. **What does it mean if the class I want to register for says 'Alert Me If Space Opens'?** This means that the class is full. By clicking on this button, you will be added to an email list. Everyone on this list will be alerted simultaneously if space opens up in this class. Filling the open spot will be first come, first served through the website. **How likely is it that I will get into a class through this alert?** It varies from week to week, but most of the changes that do happen are within a couple days or the day of the class beginning. **Does my child need to attend summer classes for the entire week?** We encourage your child to attend the full week of our summer classes to get the full experience and to ensure that the students finish their projects. **What if my child is not potty trained yet?** Unfortunately, your child is not able to attend classes at The Art Garage if they are not potty trained. **Can you pro-rate a week long summer class if my child can not attend the full week?** No **Who are your teachers and staff?** Our teachers are either local practicing artists or art educators who have extensive experience working with children. We check references and run background checks on all of our teachers and staff. **Will classes ever be cancelled due to inclement weather?** The Art Garage closes when the Denver Public Schools are closed for inclement weather. The Art Garage makes every effort to also post through news stations, social media and our website if we are closed. Please note we may be listed on the news stations as; Art Garage or The Art Garage. When the Denver Public School posts its closure, we are closed. Please take your safety into consideration when coming to classes. Please be sure your online profile is updated with a phone number and e-mail so we can contact you immediately of any closures. ### WEBSITE FAQ **How do I create a new account?** Go to []( Type in your e-mail and your password. ### PARTY FAQ **Do I need to tip the teachers/assistants?** Tips are optional and greatly appreciated. **How early can I come to set up before our party?** You can come up to 30 minutes before your party begins to do any food set up or decorations. **Can we bring alcohol?** No alcohol is permitted at parties where the guest of honor is under the age of 21 years old. **Do you host adult art parties?** Yes! Give us a call to find out more at 303-377-2353 or visit our Adult Parties Page **Do you allow piñatas?** No. **Can we bring balloons?** Yes, you are welcome to bring balloons if you would like. **What if we need to reschedule our party?** You can reschedule only 48 hours after booking your event. There is a rescheduling fee of $25.00. **What if I need to cancel our party?** The $150 deposit to hold your date and time is non-refundable. You can call us ahead of time to cancel (303-377-2353), but the deposit is non-refundable. ### GENERAL FAQ **Do you accept material donations?** Yes, but our storage space is small! Please call first to make sure it is something we can use and we will gladly take it off your hands! **What is your refund policy?** We have a no refund policy. You can read more about our refund policy here. **What is our Tax I.D number?** 26.4806197