Photography + Mixed Media Collaging

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This 6-week class will offer students a brief crash course on the history and basics of photography, including the fundamental elements of composition and design used by photographers across all genres to create beautiful and compelling images.  We will build our own camera obscuras, discuss the use of perspective, develop our own cyanotype prints, and use our photos in a variety of mixed media projects! If they are able, students should come to class each week with a point-and-shoot camera or a cell phone camera. The Art Garage will also supply an iPad to use during classtime. Class will not be held on Tuesday, November 23rd.

*Please note: We have a no refund policy. This class is scheduled to be in person. Be sure to visit our COVID FAQ page for up to date information.

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    Tue 11/2, 4:30 pm
    Tue 11/9, 4:30 pm
    Tue 11/16, 4:30 pm
    Tue 11/30, 4:30 pm
    Tue 12/7, 4:30 pm
    Tue 12/14, 4:30 pm
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    Sun 10/31
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