The Art Garage is hiring:

  1. Party Instructors

  2. Studio Assistants

  3. Educational Art Instructors

  4. ARK Instructors (Artistic and Therapeutic background needed- examples include fine artists with Special Education, Psychology, Counseling or Art Therapy background)

Our instructors work as independent contractors. The hours are flexible and these are part time teaching positions.  Additional hours are available in the summer, however, our 2017 summer schedule is pretty finalized and scheduled. There are constant opportunities available throughout the school year and weekends! Instructors should teach with the materials provided within The Art Garage.  If specific materials are needed for your class, you need to request materials at least two weeks in advance.

The Art Garage is seeking talented, energetic artists or art educators that have:

  • Experience with children and classroom management

  • Positive energy

  • Passion for art and community work

  • Ability to be flexible

  • Ability to collaborate with others

  • Bachelor degree or higher (ideally in fine arts, art education, art therapy, special education)

  • Experience in a classroom or large group settings

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism

Party Art Instructor (Contracting 4):

In this position you work directly with the children and family to offer high-energy, fast-paced, exciting and creative art parties. These parties are mainly for kids ages 3-12, but we also host teen, adult and company parties.  Families work together with the Associate Director on choosing an art theme and materials. Teachers and Studio Assistant will greet the host family, guest of honor and the guests as they come in. Teachers are responsible for developing a 1.5 hr project/lesson plan, providing classroom management and engaging participants.  Teachers should be comfortable with leading a game, story-time, song or dance to keep students engaged during any spare time during the party. In this position you are not only working as an art teacher, but also as a party host and entertainer to give the families a stress free, fun and safe party for their child.

Educational Art Instructor; (School Day Out, Summer Camp Teachers and Off-Site)

School Day Out Camps are offered to students when school is not in session.  Parents can sign their children up for classes at The Art Garage to give them an engaging, high-quality art educational experience.  Classes are typically three hours. The schedule is based around the local school year calendar. A theme is given to work with, and the teacher will develop the curriculum/lesson plan around the theme. This position does require teachers to work over holiday breaks. We are specifically looking for people available over the thanksgiving and christmas break. We ask that teachers commit to working at least one holiday week.  We are not open on the actual holiday, but we are open the days before and after.  Teachers collaborate with studio assistants in the classroom.

School Day Out and Summer Camp teachers teach kids ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  Summer camps are scheduled Monday through Friday either AM (9am-12pm) or PM (1-4pm). For summer camps; teachers develop the theme, class description and lesson plans which will be reviewed with the Associate and Executive Director. During the summer camps teachers commit to the entire week of that camp. Our camps are both process and product based.  For our School Day Out camps during the school year, they are only one half day which allows for more flexibility in your schedule.

The Art Garage also offers off-site, after school enrichment classes at local schools and after school clubs at The Art Garage. Teachers applying for this position will be eligible for these other teaching opportunities.

ARK Instructors (Contracting 2-4, this is very part time work):

ARK is the primary community outreach program of The Art Garage. We invite groups from various organizations to participate in 6 weeks of art classes. At the conclusion of the program The Art Garage hosts an art show and reception for the artists. We are looking for teachers who have both an artistic and therapeutic background. This is not an Art Therapy program and we do not provide Art Therapy supervision.

However, we do believe in the healing power of art and are looking for teachers who can bring a therapeutic approach to this program. This includes a non-judgmental attitude, the ability to create a safe and non-threatening environment, experience with diverse populations, and an understanding of the creative process and its therapeutic nature. Teachers will work within a predetermined curriculum, but will have flexibility within that structure. With that said, will always welcome teacher ideas and collaboration. Teachers will also be expected to collaborate with the Associate and Executive Directors in organizing and carrying out the final show and reception.

Examples of populations that have participated in ARK include at-risk teens, adults in recovery and children with autism. Flexibility is a requirement of this position, as well as, experience working with diverse populations in a therapeutic setting. Candidates are required to have a B.A. or higher.

Studio Assistants:

Our studio assistants assist teachers in the classroom, as well as ensure general studio maintenance. Studio assistant’s work includes;

assist prepping materials at the beginning of classes, preparing snacks for students, assist teachers in classroom clean up, assist students in classes, office work, answering phones,  lead students in games, or provide story time to students while on break, cleaning and organizing art supplies and overall garage including restroom, sinks, mopping, etc.

Studio Assistants must be willing to work as a team, follow directions, work with customers and be positive role models for our students. We are looking for studio assistants that have completed or are working towards a BFA, non-profit management or an education degree.  This is a part time position, though ¾ or full time may be an option as well depending on availability.  Pay varies based on experience. We are looking for studio assistants that:

  • Are available on the weekends and weekday evenings

  • genuine enjoyment for and enthusiasm about working with children

  • positive work ethic

  • excellent organization and communication skills

  • have an understanding of art mediums and use of materials.  

  • Previous work experience with children

  • Bachelor degree or higher (or workings towards a bachelor degree)

  • have the ability to be flexible

  • have the ability to collaborate with others

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism

  • Doesn’t mind cleaning, heavy lifting and organizing

Interested applicants for all positions please send:

  1. An e-mail and In the subject include the job position you are applying for.

  2. In the body of the e-mail please include 2-3 paragraphs answering the following questions:

    1. Describe your qualifications for the position

    2. How does your previous experience qualify you for this position.

    3. Why do you want to work at the Art Garage

    4. Why do you feel like you would be a good fit for our team.

  3. Please attach to the e-mail:

    1. A document (PDF) that describes your teaching philosophy (teacher applicants only)

    2. A resume (PDF)

    3. For instructor applicants only: an art lesson plan (or party plan) (PDF) for instructor applicants only.

    4. Images of your artwork and/or your student’s artwork.

  4. Hiring Process:  Once you apply with all required materials above.  You will not be considered if your application is missing items. If selected, you will be interviewed. Post interview, if you move forward, you will then teach a class which will be observed.  From there you will become part of The Art Garage team!

No Phone Calls Please.  Applications should be e-mailed to

Application Deadline is: April 18th, 5:00pm