A young mind is full of imagination and the natural impulse to explore.  Learning about and practicing a variety of art is proven to foster a child’s growing brain and positively influence an inclination toward other academics.  The Art Garage provides high-quality, age-appropriate art based educational classes for children age three to 12.  Every class is designed and led by local practicing artists who have extensive experience working with children. Students are able to learn fundamental art elements, art vocabulary, artistic styles, facts about famous artists and themes, and demonstrate art techniques with creative materials, all while creating unique artworks! Kids must be potty trained.

The Art Garage offers School Day Out-morning and afternoon workshops,  After School art enrichment,  as well as customized theme-based art parties for any occasion.

" The Art Garage provides a no pressure, no fail, environment and that in itself, is conducive to learning and creativity.  None of the various elementary and middle schools in the area can produce an atmosphere, to match it. " -Marion