The value of learning art lies in not only boosting a child’s creativity, intelligence, and over-all well-being—among many positives—but it’s also proven that art aids in a child’s understanding of all the other scholastic subjects. 

The Art Garage customizes onsite and offsite enrichment programs that meet every school’s needs, including specialized pricing.  For students Pre-K to high school, we offer anything from one day classes to semester long sessions for as little as 4 students up to 20. 

Our Instructors. are local practicing artist, that design and lead lessons in a vast array of mediums and themes, incorporating decision-making, math, and language skills along with techniques are priority. Some medium examples include: ceramics, painting, collage, charcoal, and portraits; and a few themes from the past include: animals, conservation (environment), family, and landscape. To inquire about scheduling with your school please complete this form and we will get back to you.

The Art Garage will work closely with the school or teachers to set up a proposal and program that will be most beneficial to the students.