The Art Garage offers arts-based programs that inspire, empower and promote creative self- expression by people of all ages and backgrounds. On-site studio workshops and exhibitions engage the greater Denver community and outreach is provided to those who are under-served, at-risk and for people with disabilities to ensure the artistic process is fully accessible and inclusive for allThe Art Garage is a not for profit that offers high-quality art education classes, workshops and summer classes taught by local practicing artists for kids, teens and adults.  Students are able to explore creative art materials, learn and demonstrate art techniques and design original artwork. Students learn fundamental art elements, art vocabulary, artistic styles, famous artists and much more!  We also have teen workshops, Private lessons and classes specific to Toddlers (Toddler and Me!) All of our instructors are professional artists or art educators with extensive experience working with children and youth.  The Art Garage classes are some of the most unique and creative classes being offered in Denver because our instructors generate their own one-of-a-kind themes and projects.  We also encourage ideas from participants and parents, so feel free to share your ideas!

2019 FALL SCHEDULE: Our fall schedule for School Day Out Classes and After school Classes will be online and open for registration August 2nd. Our School Day Out Classes are half day (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) or full day (9am-4pm). Our After-school Classes for kids ages 6+ are held on Tuesdays and Wednesday 4:30pm-6:30pm.

Our class sizes are small typically from 4-15 students allowing the teacher to work individually with each student. Our maximum class size is 20.  If we have more than 15 students in a class we will have two teachers team teaching. We also have off-site programs at different schools in the area. To find out more about our programs in the schools, click here.  We also offer memorable special events for kids, teens and adults focusing around an art project. We start our classes as young as three years old (they must be fully potty trained) and go all the way through adulthood.  In order to have your child participate in any of our classes, there are three required forms to fill out after you register: Liability Waiver, Photo and Video Release and a Medical Form.  If you do not complete these forms, your child will not be able to participate.  After creating or signing into your account, these forms can be accessed here and submitted digitally.

The ARK program which brings art to youth in residential treatment facilities focusing on self-expression and self-confidence in a supportive environment.  

Summer classes at The Art Garage give students a week filled with creativity, inspiration, and laughter. We spend all year preparing for our week long summer workshops in one way or another and this summer we will have some of the most exciting classes we’ve ever offered!  Our summer classes are for students ages 3-5(AM)/4-5(PM) 6-8 and 9-12. Our morning classes (ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) are Monday through Friday 9am-12pm and our afternoon classes (ages 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12) are Monday through Friday 1pm-4pm.  The summer schedule for 2019 will be online and open to registration on February 1st.

We are unable to prorate classes.  Students are expected to attend summer classes Monday-Friday. The energy that fills each classroom is inspiring

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The Mission of the ARK program is to support creative expression within individuals and communities by providing art programming that heals, inspires and empowers.  We work to create a safe and nonjudgmental environment, which encourages exploration of art materials and the discovery of one’s unique visual language with the intention of improving self-esteem, identity and personal transformation through creative self- expression.

Feel free to fill out our Organization Inquiry Form and we can work together to find funding for your organization within our ARK Programs.

Students attend a three to eight, weekly, 2-hour art classes that typically take place at The Art Garage.  The length of the program depends on the partnered organizations interest and needs. Over the course of the three to eight weeks, students will have access to a range of art materials and will complete artworks with the guidance of experienced art instructors. Classes may be organized around pre-determined topics of exploration such as identify, abstract art, community building, and personal growth amongst others!

If you are part of an organization that you would like to have be part of this program please contact Abi at 303-377-2353 or