The Art Garage wants to 'Fuel Your Creativity' 
on Saturday evening February 10th at 7pm
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Please join me to paint and support the ARK program that brings the healing and inspiring power of art, free of charge, to people struggling with life challenges including:
Aspen Center-pregnant & postpartum women facing adversity
Synergy-adolescents fighting substance use disorder
Joshua School-kids with autism
Community Choices-Adults with physical & mental challenges
WINGS Foundation-Adult survivors of childhood abuse

The Art Garage funds these programs with all of its profits from its paid classes and birthday parties, but that isn't nearly enough. In 2017 we provided services valued at nearly $50,000 to our partners. Unfortunately, 2017 donations and profits were not sufficient to cover these costs and we will have to cut some of the programs in 2018 without your help!

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Tickets to Fuel Your Creativity are only $50 (if purchased online with our $20 web discount). If you like, you will have the opportunity to help more through our silent auction or simply an additional gift on the 10th. Or you can click on this link to donate now.

 Come and create with us! 
This year we are creating a watercolor painting under the tutelage of Pat Clarke.
Give and have fun at the same time! 
Casual, paint friendly attire recommended :)

The Art Garage and our Art Reaching Kids (ARK) program need you! ARK partners with day and residential treatment programs to bring the joyful and healing power of art to those who need it most, including pregnant and postpartum women as well as adolescent boys and girls in recovery from addiction; teen boys struggling with conduct disorders; kids ages 3-18 with cerebral palsy; adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; adults with developmental disabilities and kids on the autism spectrum.

Your donation is needed to ensure we can continue the ARK Program. This is what your donation will accomplish:

$25     buy the art materials for one person for a six week class

$60     pay for one teacher to teach a two hour class

$100   host two ARK Show openings where artists can proudly share their work

$150   buy one class for the Synergy group of twelve teens in recovery

(stipends for one teacher, one studio assistant and the art materials for twelve      participants)

$500  buy three classes for the Community Choices (adults with developmental

         disabilities) group of fifteen participants

(stipends for one teacher, one studio assistant and the art materials for fifteen

participants over three classes)

$1500  buy eleven classes for the Aspen Center (postpartum and pregnant women

           facing addiction)  group of 14 participants

(stipends for one teacher, one studio assistant and the art materials for fifteen

participants over eleven classes)

$5,000 buy a whole year of WINGS (adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse)

           classes for 32 participants over 41 classes

(stipends for one teacher, one studio assistant, and the art materials for 32

 participants for 41 classes)

ARK program

The mission of the ARK program is to provide art programs that heal, inspire, and empower individuals facing adversity.  Our instructors work to create a safe and non-judgmental environment which supports exploration of the arts, the discovery and strengthening of unique visual language, and the opportunity to build self-esteem.

Testimonial from a therapist of ARK participants:

The ARK program through The Art Garage is a gift to the women I serve.

They are women in the toughest of situations— drug and alcohol-addicted,

often homeless, pregnant, often severely traumatized. I watch core issues

they bring of damaged self-expression, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and

self-compassion get gently worked with through the support and guidance

of highly engaged and skillful facilitators.  The best part is that it doesn’t

feel to my clients like “work” or “therapy,” but a break where they have

a chance to create and play. For some with art backgrounds, The Art

Garage is about a re-discovery of themselves in the joy of expression.

For others with little to no art experience, it is more about the realization

that within their self-doubt they have the capacity to create beauty. The

hands on process offered by the ARK program meets these women in

an empowering place that is so badly needed and would not be available

to them otherwise. I have so much gratitude that we are able to access this

and have immensely enjoyed being able to bring so many women in need,

week after week, to a program that is so nourishing and healing.”

Scholarship Fund

The Art Garage is always working to raise money for their scholarship fund so they can bring high quality art education to more students in low-income families in the immediate neighborhood for one day workshops, after school classes and week-long summer camps as well as after school programs. No donation is too small, Donate Today!

$25 Buy the art materials for one student

$45 Scholarships one child for one 3 hour class when their school is not in session

$90 Scholarships one child for two 3 hour classes when their school is not in session

$170 Gives one full scholarship to attend a 6 week (2hrs/week) afterschool program

$210 Gives one full scholarship to attend a week-long summer art class

$420 Gives one full scholarship to attend two week-long summer art class

I am excited to see the programs at The Art Garage reach more of the Denver community and your gift will make that possible! Donate Today! If you would like more information about programs we offer at The Art Garage, feel free to contact me or the Executive Director; or 303-377-2353.  

You can also support the organization by doing your holiday shopping at and selecting to support ‘The Art Garage’ and .5% of the sales are donated to The Art Garage!

For more information on how your donation will make a difference, I invite you to visit the website at You can also find information there on our upcoming events for this year and volunteer opportunities.

Thank you in advance for your support and helping make the arts accessible to all!

Checks can be made out to The Art Garage and dropped off in person or mail: Attn: Katie Moran, 6100 E 23rd. Ave. Denver, CO 80207