Brea Jones

Art and I are thick as thieves, art is me, I am art, together we tell the story of my life. Everyone has a different connection with art, however, art allows us to have a deeper connection with ourselves. It is boundless, beautiful and speaks a language that everybody is able to understand in their own unique way. Whether you are an artist or an appreciator, artistic expression has an affect on all of us. Personally, the creative process is my source of dignity, many times it has guided me through my internal obstructions, pushing me through to stillness. Art is my therapy, there are no rules, its limitless, its magnificent! My creative path has given me the opportunity to engage with all ages, ranging from 0 - 100. I have taught art at accredited summer camps for teens, memory care facilities, I've organized small homeschool art programs, and am currently working on launching an art inspired after-care program at my home, called " Earth Momma", (website coming soon). I have dabbled in many mediums from pottery, stained glass, acrylics, pastels, movement such as dance, to slam. Mixed media is currently my main focus, I prefer organic materials, and anything that is readily available. I am often found outside collecting sticks and leaves and stuff. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion at the Art Garage, and I look forward to creating together! Love and Kindness.
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