The Art Garage offers tween and teen workshops in a variety of mediums.  

We also offer private lessons and they can be scheduled by calling 303-377-2353.

At an age when communicating thoughts and feelings is often the hardest, art can be an outlet for teenagers to not only express themselves freely but to also discover a little more about their roles in the world. The Art Garage aims to create thought-provoking and challenging classes that provide structure and independence for every type of budding mind.  Whether a teen is proficient in many forms of art or is a novice just trying gain a new skill, every class is safe and encourages teens to cultivate their artistry and will boost their confidence.

The Art Garage offers After School Enrichments that are carefully crafted step-by-step lessons in many mediums, and open studio sessions where we provide the materials and guidance, and the students provide the subjects.