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Holly White Holly is a native of Colorado that grew up with an appreciation for sustainability in arid climates. While studying Environmental Design at the University of Colorado, she took interest in the societal challenges that face our growing urban centers and how design could facilitate environmental conservation. She was inspired to apply her design skills to the type of work that builds community.

In 2011, Holly took a hiatus from designing to travel and learn about other cultures. After spending a year and a half teaching ESL in Seoul and touring Southeast Asia, she found her way to the GrowHaus - a food justice nonprofit that seeks to empower under-served communities. There she worked as a farmer, teacher, and community organizer.

Holly has been working in farming, education, landscape design, and graphic design positions for many years and admires the creative energy found when working among youth. She has recently focused more energy towards the path of illustration and is well versed in painting, drawing, drafting, and fiber arts mediums.