May 11, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 11, 2020

If the thought of cleaning up after an art project is keeping you and your little ones from playing with paint, this is the activity for you! All you need for this super simple activity is paint, paper, and a ziploc bag or plastic wrap.

Cut your paper down to the size of your bag and lay it inside, then put dollops of paint inside the bag and seal it up so that your little one can squish, smear, and draw without getting paint on themselves or anything else at home!

This is a fun sensory activity that toddlers love even without paper in the bag and not using paper will allow you to use more paint, teach about color mixing, and keep using the sensory bag for days! if you don't have zipper top plastic bags, you can also tape your paper to a piece of cardboard (or use a canvas!), add the paint, and cover with plastic wrap, securing the wrap to the back of the cardboard.

For inspiration and photos, check out this example from PowerfulMothering.com of using plastic bag painting to create rainbow artworks and if you don't have paints at home, don't worry! They've also included an easy recipe for make-at-home paints with food coloring, flour, salt, and water.

Have fun, and don't forget to share your project photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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