Private Lessons and Classes

##### Inquiries about Private Lessons and Classes can be made [HERE]( **IMPORTANT NOTE: SUMMER 2024 Private Lesson availability IS AT CAPACITY!** Due to Summer Camp schedules, The Art Garage has limited capacity for Private Lessons June-August. As of May 2024, The Art Garage is at capacity for June-August Private Lessons and Classes. Please feel free to complete the above inquiry form and we will reach out to you if any spaces open up! Thank you. **Private Lessons** at The Art Garage provide a supportive, expressive and technique based one-on-one environment to help children (starting at the age of 3), teens and adults take their art to the next level. You can request a specific instructor or let us know what medium, topic or skill you would like to address and we will match you with the instructor that is best for the artist’s needs. We can also design a child/adult session for families to enjoy time working together in the studio! Private Lessons are great for those who want to develop a specific skill or technique, strengthen self-esteem, work on an in-depth art project, build a portfolio to apply for an art focused school such as Denver School for the Arts, a high school portfolio for college applications, or just enjoy creative time in the studio! A two hour private lesson is also a fun option as a gift or special outing with a friend or loved one. If you would like to purchase a gift card for a private lesson, please call us at 303-377-2353 or e-mail us at []( **Private Classes** at The Art Garage are a perfect opportunity for learning pods, friends, or families to get hands-on creative time in a small, personalized classroom setting.  These classes can be tailor made to cover any subject, medium, or artist your pod is focusing on and can be designed by one of our skilled instructors to create a fun and educational studio experience for any age range or skill level. The Art Garage offers class every Friday and on days when DPS schools are scheduled to be closed from 9am-4pm. You can see our Friday Workshop and School Day Out classes [HERE]( Don't see class offered on a day your student is out of school? Don't go to DPS? No problem! The Art Garage can arrange a private or custom School Day Out class to fit your student's schedule! To inquire about booking a Private Lesson or Class fill out our inquiry form [HERE]( Please note that The Art Garage does not offer any programming in private residences. Private Lesson and Private Class availability will be limited and will vary. **Pricing:** **Private Lessons (1-3 students ages 3 and up):** * One Student: $60/hr * Two Students: $85/hr * Three Students: $110/hr Private lesson payment is due at least 48 hours prior to the first scheduled lesson. If you are not able to attend a lesson, The Art Garage office staff must be notified within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson in order to re-schedule. If you are missing a lesson due to illness or unavoidable emergency (i.e. a death in the family or a car accident), we will do our best to work with you to reschedule on short notice. If the instructor is already at The Art Garage when a lesson is canceled, your fee will be forfeited to cover the instructor's time. Please see our [No Refund Policy]( **Private Classes (4-15 students ages 3 and up):** * Classes of 4-15 Students (2 hour class minimum):  $25/hour per student <br> <br>