Meet Your Teacher Monday: Patty Paul

Patty Paul displaying the sample project to her students

Patty Paul is one of the original Art Garage instructors and she continues to be a student favorite because she has a natural ability to not just help children create art but she brings children into the world of art through art history, nonfiction and fiction stories, and by asking them questions.

She’s been in Denver for over 40 years and is a mid-west native.  She received her BA in Theater from University of Denver and her teacher training from UCD and Stanley British Primary Teacher Training Program.  She’s a DPS teacher at Stephen Knight Center for Early Education and she’s able to find time to come and teach 3-5 and 6-8 year-olds at The Art Garage!

In her personal creations Patty loves working with gold, silver, copper leaf, junk art, house paint and glazes and she brings those materials and many more to the classroom.

“Release fear and embrace new ideas and experiences,” is the theory Patty teaches her campers with and it shows in how well her students embrace their projects each day. In addition to the one-of-a-kind projects (that are often inspired by great children’s books) Patty teaches her campers that art allows you to define and express yourself as an independent thinker and being, and maybe some day entrepreneur.

What really makes Patty one of our greatest instructors is her willingness to accept the challenge of children asking questions that make her search for the answers.

She loves providing kids with great art knowledge, a vast variety of art projects inspired by other cultures, and she incorporates nonfiction and fiction stories into her camps that fully engage and excite her students.

Patty’s abilities with young children and artistic talents truly inspires other instructors. If you’re able to sign your kids up for one of her camps you’ll be delighted by the projects you’ll display in your home as well as the stories you’ll hear about the day.

She’s teaching all 3-5 year olds this summer with Moose, Goose, Juice and Dr. Seuss this week (July 6-10 PM) then Treasured Objects From Around the World from July 20 to 24 in the afternoon and she finishes out July with Mystical, Magical Eggs (July 27-31 PM)

By Marissa Forbes

Week 8 will be greater than great!

Week 8 will be greater than great

Week 8 at the Art Garage is a week filled with summer art camps that will explore art theory more than most other weeks. Campers will have a chance to learn about classic art history as well as contemporary movements, all while creating their own masterpieces.  This week also showcases mask making camps in two age groups, so it’ll definitely be a week of inspiring antics.

We are trying to expand our genres and mediums of art at the garage and our AM camp for 9-12 year-olds does just that with “What Can You Do With Yarn?” It’s totally not your grandma’s knitting circle! Campers will discover the world of textile art through a wild exploration of yarn! While learning various weaving and crochet techniques, these campers will also study contemporary artist HOT TEA and his involvement in the colorful world of yarn bombing!  If you don’t know what yarn bombing is then this will be a great opportunity to find out about a super fun art form sweeping the country.

If your pre-teen is in the mist of finding him or herself, then our afternoon 9-12 year-old class, “Here’s Looking At You,” is just what they need! In this camp students will work together with plaster and glaze to make customized masks that really fit their face! Each student will make one full face and one half face mask that will be painted and decorated to fit their (ever-changing) personality.  

“Boo! It’s You,” the 6-8 year-old AM class, and they too will dive into the artistic world of mask making. They will explore 3D techniques to make new masks each day of camp! From Mardi Gras masks to superhero disguises, this mask making camp will incorporate fundamental drawing and painting skills while having a blast with their imaginations. Students will learn art history about different indigenous masks and the cultural importance of masks in ceremonies throughout the world.  

Campers in the 6-8 PM class, “Art History Mysteries,” will expand their knowledge by taking on detective roles to investigate the greatest mysteries of art history. Then they’ll create their own artwork in response to their discoveries. Questions like, “How did Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel?” “Who is Banksy?” “How were the Nazca Lines created?” and many more will be asked and answered! Get ready to learn a whole lot of art facts at dinner each night after their fun day at The Art Garage.

Our 3-5 Campers will also gain some art history knowledge while flexing their creative muscle.  The morning camp “Around the World” will explore culture and creation from a different country each day and gain an understanding of how important pattern and color are around the world through hands-on projects. By using mixed media campers will make works inspired by S. Africa, India, China, Mexico, and Russia such as Sun Gods, Henna hands and more!  Our pre-k aged camps also focus on decision making skills, team work, patience, and strive to reach motor-skill goals.

Ever think about eggs other than at breakfast time? If not, you should register for “Mystical, Magic Eggs!” It’s the afternoon camp for 3-5 year-old campers where they will study the significance of eggs in various cultures and historical periods. These young artists will create their own eggs in both 2D and 3D techniques. These lucky campers will also explore paper-mache, painting, and collaging!

It’s going to be one of the best weeks at The Art Garage and we hope you’ll be able to join us!

Feel free to call 303-377-2353 if you have any questions about our teachers, policies, prices, or if you have any registration issues.

New Ways to Use Familiar Art Supplies

When it comes to making art, you know there are endless materials you can create with.  But did you know there are a multitude of ways to use or manipulate those supplies you want to use?  All the teachers at The Art Garage aim to show your children new ways of not only looking at art and creation, but also supplies and exploration.  

Here are 2 ideas for material manipulations you can try at home today!

Crayola markers:

They’re a staple in every home where there’s a kid over 3 years old.  Sure, you can just color in the lines of a coloring book but why not get think outside the art box.?  You can create easy and unique pieces with washable crayola markers with just a little H2o magic.

Depending on your child’s age and skill, have them either draw simple outlines of any shape they want--a frog, crown, turtle, or butterfly, to just name a few--or give them stencils of simple shapes to trace.  

Color in the shape completely using the markers.  Choose 2 colors or the whole pack.  There’s no wrong way, just be sure there’s no white left. (If it’s taking a lot time, or is pretty challenging to color in the shape, be sure they’re “fat coloring” with the side of the marker instead of the tip.)

Then take any size paint brush and have them slowly run it over the colors with a little water.

You should end up with a tie-dye type watercolor effect that will impress any grandparent.