March 25, 2020 Todays Activity! (Ages 2-5)

Measure me! 

Have your little one lie down and line up an item next to them.  How many apples long are they? How man popsicle sticks long? How many blocks long is the couch?

Count out loud as you place down each object.  Advance this activity by introducing a ruler and explain how it works! Let them measure everything and have them report back! 

Introducing Art Garage TV

Looking for inspiration for at home projects? The Art Garage has you covered with some monster madness! Our wonderful instructor, Joy Giles, will guide you and your young artist through the creation of a 3D monster using household materials in this video brought to you by The Art Garage! The video also includes story time to get inspired for your project, featuring Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda, helping kids understand and express their emotions through their monster creations during this confusing time.  Share your monstrous masterpieces with us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for new videos, take-home art kits, and more!

How to Support The Art Garage During the COVID-19 Closure

Like many small businesses and nonprofits, the COVID-19 Closure has been devastating for The Art Garage and our staff. We are working hard to be able to keep our staff and need your support! 

How can you help? 

The Art Garage is also working hard to continue supporting our community through the arts during this crisis. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share to help The Art Garage find additional support. 

  • We have launched Art Garage TV on YouTube to share videos of our instructors leading fun, at-home projects! 

  • Art Kits are available for pick up outside The Art Garage to help you create along to our Circus and Butterfly art videos for a suggested donation of $15 (Donate HERE)

  • We will be holding an Online Art Auction April 3rd - April 6th on Facebook

We are so grateful for your support during this difficult time!

Take Home Art Kits!

Have you checked out Art Garage TV on YouTube yet? We have four videos hosted by Joy GIles, one of our many wonderful instructors, leading young artists through story time and an inspired art project! All of our videos are designed to be easy to create along with at home using materials you already have on hand. 

Our Butterfly and Circus videos also have accompanying take-home Art Kits available for pick-up outside of The Art Garage! These kits are available on a first come, first served basis for a $15 suggested donation! Art Kits are labeled with the video title and are located under our ceramic pick-up table to the right of The Art Garage’s front door. They are weather-proofed by a plastic sheet, so make sure you peek inside. DONATE HERE

More videos and kits are coming soon, so check in here or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, new releases, and to share your projects with us!

Online Art Auction!