Employment Opportunities at The Art Garage!

Updated 04/2024 ###### **The Art Garage Mission and Values:** The Art Garage’s mission is to offer visual arts-based programs that inspire, empower, and promote creative self-expression by people of all ages and backgrounds. On-site and off-site studio workshops and exhibitions engage the greater Denver community and outreach is provided to those who are underserved and marginalized to ensure the artistic process is fully accessible and inclusive. The Art Garage strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds. At The Art Garage, we believe everyone is an artist. With a commitment to equity, we strive to ensure accessibility to the arts and to amplify voices that have been systematically excluded. We work to enrich our community by providing space for individuals to be their most authentic, creative selves. ###### **Open Positions:** 1. [Guest Artists](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/288) ###### **Not Currently Hiring but Always Accepting Applications:** 1. Visual Art Instructor/Facilitator (part-time) 2. Visual Art Party Instructor (part-time) 3. Part-time Program Assistant All interested individuals are encouraged to apply, regardless of meeting all listed requirements. ###### **Guest Artists** The Art Garage strives to provide diverse programming to our students and we are always looking for artists to teach techniques, projects, styles, and media not taught by our current staff. If you feel you have a unique skillset or perspective to bring to The Art Garage, learn more about Guest Artists [HERE](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/288) and fill out our [Guest Artist Inquiry Form](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7HGcLcnx_wBLQF15_ep_jVODfVU1ig0j3GxffGewc7Sir4g/viewform)! ###### **Visual Art Instructors/Facilitators and Visual Art Party Instructors:** Starting pay $30.00-$32.50 / hour **Position Purpose:** The Art Garage Instructors role is to facilitate a group of students through hands-on exploration of the visual arts using a variety of techniques and materials while meeting each student where they are at and guiding them through personal learning and growth. **Ideal instructors have:** * Passion for art and community work * A commitment to equity and accessibility in the visual arts * The ability to be flexible and reliable * The ability to collaborate with others * Excellent communication skills * Experience with fine arts, art education, art therapy, special education, early childhood education and/or adult education Instructors may have a background in art education, be self-taught artists, ECE teachers, professional practicing artists,  or be in an artistic or therapeutic profession. Instructors often work in a variety of instructor/facilitators roles at The Art Garage. Below are more details about different roles. **Party Art Instructor:** In this position you work directly with the children and family to offer high-energy, fast-paced, exciting and creative art parties. Families work together with the Administrative Assistant on choosing an art theme and materials. Teachers and Program Assistant will greet the host family, guest of honor and the guests as they come in. Teachers are responsible for developing a 1.5 hr project/lesson plan, providing classroom management and engaging participants. Teachers should be comfortable with leading a game, story-time, song or dance to keep students engaged during any spare time during the party. In this position you are not only working as an art teacher, but also as a party host and entertainer to give the families a stress free, fun and safe party for their child. **Visual Art Instructor and Facilitators:** * Adult Classes: Art classes held during daytime or evening for students 18+ in a variety of art media. Instructors can propose ideas for adult day workshops or workshop series. * School Day Out Classes (SDO) are typically three hours for kids ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. (SDOs) are based around the local school year calendar. A theme is given to work with, and the teacher will develop the curriculum/lesson plan around the theme. The Art Garage is specifically looking for people available over Thanksgiving, winter and spring break. We ask that Instructors commit to working at least one holiday week. We are not open on the actual holiday, but we are open the days before and after. Instructors collaborate with studio assistants in the classroom. * Weeklong Summer Classes are typically three hours/day for kids ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and teens; Instructors develop the theme, class description and lesson plans which will be reviewed with the Co-Executive Directors. The 2022 summer classes have been finalized and so predetermined themes will be given to new hires or new teachers. * After School Classes Instructors can submit their ideas for after school classes which are held for a variety of ages during after school hours. These classes are usually in a series for a month+ and held once a week. * The Art Garage Community Engagement Program works with partnered schools during school hours or after school and invites groups from various organizations to participate in 6 weeks (or ongoing) art classes. This is not an Art Therapy program and we do not provide Art Therapy supervision. However, we do believe in the healing power of art and are looking for teachers who can bring a therapeutic approach to this program. This includes a non-judgmental attitude, the ability to create a safe and non-threatening environment, experience with diverse populations, and an understanding of the creative process and its therapeutic nature. ###### **Program Assistants:** Starting at $18.29/ hour based on experience **Position Purpose:** The Art Garage Program Assistants are responsible for many different aspects of The Art Garage’s success including but not limited to the following: anticipatory needs of students and teachers, proficiency of studio function and aid in administrative duties. **Position Description:** Assist teachers in the classroom, as well as ensure general studio maintenance. Program assistant’s work includes; assist prepping materials at the beginning of classes, preparing snacks for students, assist teachers in classroom clean up, assist students in classes, office work, answering phones, lead students in games, or provide story time to students while on break, cleaning and organizing art supplies and overall garage including restrooms, sinks, mopping, etc. Program Assistants must be willing to work as a team, follow directions, work with customers and be positive role models for our students. We are looking for people with an interest in the arts, non-profit management or education. Completion of higher education or specialized programs are a plus.  This is a part time position that is year round.  Seasonal full time positions are available for the summer months.  Pay varies based on experience. **Ideal assistants have:** * Passion for art and community work * A commitment to equity and accessibility in the visual arts * The ability to be flexible and reliable * The ability to collaborate with others * Excellent communication skills * An understanding of art mediums and use of materials * Experience with, genuine enjoyment for, and enthusiasm about working with children * A positive attitude toward cleaning, heavy lifting, and organizing * The ability to anticipate needs in the classroom and be a self-starter ###### [Apply Here for Program Assistant and Instructor/Facilitator Positions!](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oz3d3xDtcslK62GJ3Ftie6ARdYqgxFfViqjhiFqBb1M) Please note that we are not currently hiring for these positions but will keep your application on file for future hiring needs. <br> <br>