Code of Conduct

###### Code of Conduct Expectations The Art Garage is committed to having an environment that is courteous, respectful and welcoming to all our instructors, students, members, volunteers, staff and visitors, regardless of (including but not limited to) race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, and ability. In order to fulfill our mission The Art Garage does not allow: * Harassment of any nature (sexual, physical or verbal) * Smoking, vaping, illegal drug use, and/or possession of weapons * Alcohol consumption (except special events) * Talking on cell phones in the studio * Use of toxic materials * Animals other than [service dogs]( * Behavior deemed disruptive to our community Anyone not complying with these guidelines will be asked to leave The Art Garage and may be restricted from other Art Garage programs, events and facilities.  We comply with Colorado laws and law enforcement to enact safety measures. **Expectations for Open Studio Time** The Art Garage is very excited to have you participate in our Open Studio! Please feel free to utilize our space for your creative endeavors. Keep in mind that the studio is an active space with many programs outside of Open Studio. We want to provide a space for quiet contemplative creativity, so please adhere to The Art Garage’s Code of Conduct and Open Studio expectations below to ensure everyone has an enriching experience: **Food** is permitted during Open Studio. There is a microwave and a tea kettle available for artist use. Please clean up all food items and clean surfaces after consumption. **Respect & Return**our tools after use. Borrowed supplies must be washed and cleaned at our main sink in the green studio and organized at the drying station next to the main sink. **Supplies** (paint, canvas, paper, ect.) will not be provided for Open Studio guests. Please bring your own supplies. Non-consumable tools such as brushes and palettes are provided by request. **Music** Please bring your own headphones/earphones if you would like to listen to music as to not disturb other artists. **Projects and Artwork** will not be stored at The Art Garage. Please take all of your supplies and art with you at the end of Open Studio. The Art Garage is not responsible for artwork that is left in the studio. **Clean up and closing** will begin 15 min prior to the end of Open Studio. Cleaning the studio is everyone’s responsibility. Our students and staff depend on a clean and organized space so that everyone can maximize their creative time. Please clean all surfaces, tools and equipment you worked on/with. Return all materials to their proper location to have the studio ready for the next group of students.


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