The Art Garage team is so grateful for all of the support shown by our incredible community over the last two years as we have worked to continue providing safe, socially distanced visual arts programming to the Denver community and fought for our organization to survive the lasting effects of this pandemic. Thank you! ##### Monetary Donations In a time when after school programming has been cut from schools and many cultural institutions struggle to survive, the need for accessible art programming is more important than ever! We need your support to fuel creativity in Denver.  Donate to The Art Garage [HERE]( to support arts education in our community and help us realize our mission of making the arts accessible for all. ##### Amazon Smiles and Wishlist Did you know supporting The Art Garage was as easy as doing your online shopping? When shopping at Amazon, use [](, select to support ‘The Art Garage’ and .5% of your purchases will be donated to our organization!You can also support The Art Garage by ordering books from [our Wish List]( and helping us foster creative learning in our studios! **Thank you for your support!** ##### Donating Materials The Art Garage is always accepting donations of art supplies.  We are in need of crayons, paintbrushes, markers, sharpies, oil pastels, construction paper, watercolor paper, and butcher paper.  We also take donations of recycled materials, especially toilet paper and paper towel tubes, yogurt containers, and bubble wrap.  Our space is limited and not all donations can be accepted.  Please call us at 303-377-2353 or email us at donations[]( to ask about donating! ##### **Scholarship Fund** The Art Garage is always working to raise money for their scholarship fund so they can bring high quality art education to more students in low-income families in the immediate neighborhood for one day workshops, after school classes and week-long summer camps as well as after school programs. No donation is too small, Donate Today! * $25 Buy the art materials for one student * $90 Scholarships one child for two 3 hour classes when their school is not in session * $180 Gives one full scholarship to attend a 6 week (2hrs/week) after school program * $250 Gives one full scholarship to attend a week-long summer art class * $500 Gives one full scholarship to attend two week-long summer art class We are so excited to see the programs at The Art Garage reach more of the Denver community and your gift will make that possible! [Donate Today](! If you would like more information about programs we offer at [The Art Garage](, feel free to contact our Executive Directors, Katie Moran and Abi Ostendorf, at []( or 303-377-2353. Thank you in advance for your support and helping make the arts accessible to all! **Checks can be made out to The Art Garage and dropped off in person or mail: Attn: Katie Moran, 6100 E 23rd. Ave. Denver, CO 80207**