May 18, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 18, 2020

This "stained glass" project is easy and fun for everyone from toddlers to adults!
You'll need:

  • wax paper
  • paint (tempera paint/washable kids paint or acrylic)
  • bottle lid
  • paintbrush or spoon

First, tear off a square of waxed paper for your little artist.  Next set them up with paint and paintbrushes (or spoons) and have them dab paint onto the wax paper.  To get the best results, make thick dabs of different colors of paint all around your paper.  Now, find a bottle lid (you can also use the bottom of a cup or jar) and use the flat side to press into each of your paint dots.  Use paint left on your bottle lid to stamp into any blank spaces and fill them with color.  You will want to wipe your lid off occasionally to prevent your colors from blending too much and creating a muddy brown, but don't be afraid to stamp into your blue and your yellow one right after the other and create a little green! This can be a fun way to add variety and teach about color mixing.

Simply wait for these to dry and tape them up in a window for gorgeous, unique "stained glass" that will brighten up your home with creativity!

Check out project photos, detailed instructions, and tips on framing this project from Happy Hooligans!  If your little one is having a hard time with the bottle cap step, you can always skip it and just paint directly onto the wax paper- you will still get a great sun catcher effect when you hang it in the window.  You can also try using watercolors or food coloring to paint designs on your wax paper to see how that changes the effect!  If you don't have any paints, you can always try your hand at making your own with this DIY recipe that uses just a few simple kitchen ingredients!

Looking for more ideas for homemade sun catchers and window art? Use our photo for inspiration!  You can make colorful window hangings like the ones in our windows at The Art Garage by collaging with cut up pieces of tissue paper, construction paper or paper you've painted yourself, string, ribbon, leaves and anything you else you'd like.  Just arrange your collage pieces on the sticky side of a sheet of clear contact paper and seal them in with a second sheet (sticky sides together). Once they're sealed, you can also trim your collages into fun shapes or to fit into panels of your doors and windows!

Have fun and don't forget to share your project photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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