Lot of Creativity Community Art Project

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 18, 2020

This week on Art Garage TV we have a brand new video to inspire you to get creative and build community: Lot of Creativity!  Join Ms. Joy as she reads Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community written by Susan Verde and illustrated by John Parra to get us inspired, and gives us instructions on how to participate in The Art Garage's community art project safely and responsibly.

Joy got the chalk art mural in our parking lot started with a design surrounding one of our lights, but we need YOU to add your own designs, too. So, come by the corner of 23rd and Kearney this week to grab one of the paper bags of chalk hung along our fence and make your mark!  You can also donate to The Art Garage to support Ms. Joy, our staff, and creativity in our community HERE!

We can't wait to fill our entire lot with color, imagination, and gratitude to help bring our amazing community together even while we're apart.  Be sure to snap some photos or video of your creative contributions and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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