May 20, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 20, 2020

The best thing about this easy recipe from The 36th Avenue is that it uses Kool-Aid to help you make a brightly colored rainbow of play dough! It's fun to make, even more fun to play with, and is completely non-toxic if your tot decides to take a taste. All you need is flour, salt, water, oil, and Kool-Aid to make your own rainbow of dough.

If you don't have Kool-Aid you can use food coloring or make a plain-colored dough that will be just as fun to sculpt with and squish. We recommend making playing with your dough even more fun for toddlers by giving them cookie cutters to stamp shapes into their dough with and challenging them to make their dough into shapes like circles and triangles. You can also practice color mixing by squishing two colors of dough together to see what color they make! For older artists, try challenging them to sculpt their dough into different animals and get creative making pink and purple zebra stripes or green cheetah spots!

That's not all you can do with the bright colors in Kool-Aid - at The Art Garage we love to use it to make paint! Try this recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose for DIY non-toxic finger paint.  You can also use Kool-Aid and water to make watercolors that will smell delicious (we've tried this with Skittles in water, too - it's a ton of fun!).

Have a great time and be sure to share your dough and creations with @artgaragedenver on Facebook and Instagram!


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