Summer Camps: Week 4!

HANNAH BEAN  \  JULY 1, 2020

What a wonderful week at The Art Garage! Our youngest artists traveled the world by reading stories about different countries and creating their own kimonos, artistic dim sum, four leaf clovers, and so much more! In the mornings, our 6-8 year old group experimented with a ton of different types of printmaking, created collages with their prints, and even turned their prints into 3D sculpture.

Our afternoon were ooey gooey and all about paper mache! 6-8 year old artists created underwater scenes that they designed and built, including turtles, jellyfish, and a shark.  The real showstopper of our 4th week of camp was a 4ft tall paper mache dragon neck and head built by our 9-12 year old creators! This amazing collaborative piece now hangs in our green studio for all of our future campers to see.

Check out all of the amazing pictures from Week 4 and keep up to do date on all the amazing artwork being created this week on our Facebook and Instagram!


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