Summer Camps: Week 7!

HANNAH BEAN  \  JULY 21, 2020

This week our youngest artists experimented with unconventional painting techniques like painting with soccer balls, plungers, and balloons! They tried paint pouring, printmaking with recycled materials, and learned about complimentary colors by painting with their hand prints.  Meanwhile, our 6-8 year old artists dove into the world of Op Art by making prints, paper sculpture, and drawings that create optical illusions.

In the afternoons, 4-5 year old artists went on a week's worth of adventures with everyone's favorite monkey, Curious George! They went camping, to the library, and to the fire station with George, creating beautiful and fun artwork along the way like paint fire hoses, ceramic pancakes, and a forest full of aspen trees. At the same time, our older artists journeyed through Japan by creating art inspired by lantern festivals, cherry blossoms, and Hokusai's Great Wave.

At the same time, we had an online class in Botanical Art for 9-12 year old artists and started a skills workshop for teens!  Every single week is an incredible artistic adventure at The Art Garage and we love to see all of the amazing artwork coming out of our studios!  To see photos of all the fun and creativity from Week 7, head over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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