November & December Classes Now Open!


November and December classes for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults are now open for registration! You can browse all of our upcoming art classes [HERE]( and sign up now to join us!

[ADULTS]( It's more important now than ever to make some time for yourself! This fall, The Art Garage is offering adult classes in Printmaking, Ceramics, Watercolor, and Mixed Media on Thursdays and Sundays. Our small class sizes accommodate any skill level and allow for individualized, supportive instruction so that every student is able to grow and develop their artistic practice in their own way.

[TEENS]( : Our Teen Exploratory Class offers 13-18 year old artists of every skill level a chance to guide their own artistic journey while exploring new frontiers.  Join us on Thursday evenings to experiment with new media and techniques, challenge yourself, and deepen your artistic practice!

[TODDLER AND ME]( Our Artsy Tots toddler and me classes provide a safe and supportive environment for little ones to explore a variety of visual art materials and processes. Join us Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday mornings - it's never too early to introduce your child to art!

KIDS: This season, The Art Garage is offering a variety of safe, fun, and enriching classes that can fill the needs left by virtual learning, cancelled after school programming, and constantly shifting schedules!

* [DAY CLASSES/HOMESCHOOL]( Our Workshop Series classes are a great way for young artists ages 3-8 to get hands-on visual arts experience and explore a variety of age appropriate topics, artists, and mediums! Join us weekly on Thursdays in October or for our November-December session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays!
* [AFTER SCHOOL](,9): From observational drawing to animation, there's something for everyone!  Students ages 6-12 can join us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school for fun and educational classes that will help build a visual art portfolio, introduce new media and techniques, and deepen artistic skills.  October after school classes are almost full, so sign up for our November-December sessions now!
* [DAY WORKSHOPS/SCHOOL DAY OUT]( Join us every Friday, most Mondays, and on common school holidays for kids' workshops that explore artistic mediums, styles and history! Students ages 3-12 will have a day filled with fun art creation and education when they join us for one of our themed workshops or one of our "Monday/Friday Workshops," which center around our skilled instructors' own creative lesson plans. This year, The Art Garage is also offering multi-day camps during Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks! Join us for a week of fun, seasonal art while school is out this winter.

[PRIVATE CLASSES]( Not comfortable with classes? Want to work with a specific medium we don't offer classes in? The Art Garage offers Private Lessons for 1-3 students and Private Classes for groups of 4-10 students! These lessons can be tailor made to cover a subject, medium, or artist you'd like to focus on and are a great way to get some hands-on creative time in a small, personalized classroom setting.

The well being of our wonderful community is our #1 priority!  Our [FALL FAQ]( is a great resource if you have questions about The Art Garage's Covid-19 safety measures.  You can also reach out to us at 303-377-2353 or  Be sure to follow us on [Facebook]( and [Instagram]( to stay up to date and see pictures from all of our amazing art classes!


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