Announcing Our Equity Statement and Committee!

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 20, 2021

We are writing today on behalf of The Art Garage to announce our [Equity statement]( and the formation of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility committee.

In January 2021, The Art Garage hired a DEIA consultant to assess the organization, collaborate with our team to develop an action plan and form our current DEIA committee. The Art Garage commits to continuous dedication to equity on all levels of our organization.

<b>Equity Statement</b>At The Art Garage we believe that all people (including but not limited to) every age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual ability, mental health background, religion, and culture should have access to visual arts. We want to encourage you to find your creative spark and give you the space, time, tools and the inspiration you need to nurture it.

The Art Garage supports creative individuality and fosters continuous learning about ourselves and others. Through an equitable and diverse lens, we strive to ensure accessibility to the arts and to amplify voices that have been systematically excluded. We work to enrich the lives of our community through the process of providing a safe place for all to be their full creative selves.

Would you like to get involved?  Please join us in advocating and implementing our [mission](

* Interested in being a Volunteer/intern?  Email
* [Spreading the word about scholarship opportunities](
* Interested in learning more about our DEIA Committee? Email
* Would you like to join the [Board of Directors](  Complete this [SURVEY](
* Interested in joining our staff? We are hiring Teachers and Studio Assistants - [apply today](!
* [Donations (monetary or materials)](

Thank you for your continued support!

Katie Moran and Abigail Ostendorf (Co-Executive Directors)


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