October Newsletter


### \*\*\*\*The Art Garage Updates\*\*\*\* \*\*Project Worthmore Art Supply Drive: Art Donations Requested\!\*\* We are excited here at the Art Garage to be starting a partnership with `[`[`Project Worthmore`](`](`[``](`)`, a wonderful organization based in Aurora, CO that works with refugee families in our community. We would love to supply them with small bags of art materials to give to children after an appointment or check-up at their onsite dental clinic! If you’re interested in supporting our art supply drive going on through December, here is a list of supplies from the `[`[`Dollar Tree`](`](`[``](`)` (online shopping- in bulk) that we’d like to put in the bags: REQUESTED ART SUPPLIES: Little Fingers doodle pad (60 sheets) Playskool jumbo crayons (set of 10) Crafter’s Square 8 color watercolor set with brush Jot washable glue sticks (8ct. pack) Crayola pre-sharpened #2 pencils Jot pencil sharpener and eraser sets Crayola construction paper (30 sheet pack) Westcott titanium bonded scissors 7” These items can be shipped directly to the Art Garage 6100 E. 23rd Ave., Denver, CO, 80207 or you can drop them off at our place anytime. You can also pick up similar items from a brick and mortar store! There will be a drop off box located outside our door by our ceramics pick up shelf. We really appreciate your support for this wonderful organization! \*\*Chic Denver and The Art Garage\*\* The Art Garage is proud to announce a new partnership with `[`[`CHIC Denver`](`](`[``](`)`: _“Collaborative Healing Initiative within Communities (CHIC) helps families break intergenerational cycles of poverty and violence. We strengthen families and communities by strengthening women and girls. We fill a critical gap in the landscape of institutions and service providers by offering culturally-relevant, whole-family, female-focused supports that directly intervene in the systems that most frequently fail communities: education, workforce, and criminal justice.”_ The Art Garage will visit 6+ schools to bring accessible art to many students once a week! We are thrilled to have these new programs that allow us to partner with an outstanding organization and fulfill our mission to make the visual arts accessible to our communities! ### \*\*\*\*Upcoming Events in our Area\*\*\*\* \*\*Park Hill Open Studio Tour: October 23rd & 24th\, 10:00AM\-5:00PM\*\* The Art Garage and over 20 artists in Park Hill open their studios to the public on October 23rd and 24th! Walk, bike or drive to different home studios and The Art Garage to see jewelry designers, painters, woodworkers, ceramicists and more! Brochures with maps will be available at The Art Garage for pick up.  `[Learn more](`[``](`)`! \*\*Art Garage Family Fall Fest: November 13th\, 10:00AM\-3:00PM\*\* On Saturday, November 13, 2021, finish the Denver Arts Week with a fun, family friendly day at the Art Garage. Come join us from 10:00am-3:00pm for all kinds of art activities and a special printmaking station to make your own cards for the holidays. Make sure to bid on our various auction items in our silent auction and please beautify our parking lot with some awesome chalk art! ### \*\*\*\*Featured Upcoming Classes\*\*\*\* \*\*Daytime Series For Young Artists: Tuesdays\, 9:30AM\-1:30PM\, Ages 3\-5\*\* At The Art Garage, we believe that our youngest learners benefit greatly from creative exploration through art based education! This series will encourage cross-curriculum connections and build kindergarten preparedness as students complete weekly masterpieces, improve their technical art skills, and expand their knowledge of the world around them through age-appropriate lessons inspired by famous artists. `[`[`November/December Session`](`](`[``](`)`: 11/30 - 12/14 (3 weeks) \*\*Adult Printmaking: Thursdays\, 1:00PM\-3:00PM\, Ages 18\+\*\* Come explore the magic and ease of printmaking in this beginner and intermediate level adult printing class! You will carve, cut, glue and scrape your way to interesting relief blocks, custom stamps, unique greeting cards, and so much more! `[November/December Session](`[``](`)`: 11/11 - 12/16 (5 classes - no class 11/25) \*\*Teen Knitting: Tuesdays\, 5:00PM\-7:00pm\, Ages 13\-18\*\* In this class, students will begin with the basics before progressing to completing projects such as washcloths, scarves, hats, and even yarn dolls, called Peace Pals! Each student will leave this class with the knowledge to continue creating for years to come, including casting on, knit and purl stitches, yarn weights, and pattern reading. `[November/December Session](`[``](`)`: 11/2 - 12/14 (6 classes - no class on 11/23) \*\*Painting Through Poetry: Wednesdays\, 5:00PM\-7:00pm\, Ages 13\-18\*\* In this class, we’ll let the visual language of paintings inspire our writing! Each week, students will read and discuss classic and contemporary poems, do painting-inspired written exercises, and workshop one another’s poems. The opportunity to submit your work to a Colorado based literary magazine will be offered and we will practice live poetry readings in a safe, supportive environment. `[November/December Session](`[``](`)`: 11/3 - 12/15 (6 classes - no class on 11/24) ### \*\*\*\*Resources\*\*\*\* Visit `[`[`Raising Luminaries`](`](`[``](`)` for children’s books that explore social justice, race and more! _“The Raising Luminaries \(RL\) movement brings families together to smash the kyriarchy\. Raising Luminaries is an Asian American & Autistic\-run community inclusive for \*all\* families raising the next generation of kind & courageous leaders\. Our resources are screened\, tested\, and curated by \*actual\* kids with a focus on anti\-childism\, transformative justice\, decolonizing\, anti\-oppression\, boosting \#OwnVoices\, and smashing the whole kyriarchy\.”_ `[`[`Free Watercolor Lessons`](`](`[``](`_)` through Watercolor Academy are a great way to dive into the arts from the comfort of your home and discover your inner artist!
Hannah Bean
Program Director


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