February Newsletter

HANNAH BEAN  \  MARCH 20, 2022

\#\#\# Program Updates \*\*Summer Camp Registration opened this month\!\*\* Wow! Thank you all so much for your support! Our summer registration is a clear demonstration of the high demand for visual art programming for kids, especially during out of school time! We understand and have been listening to all the feedback in regards to summer camp registration. With The Art Garage’s limited space it is clear the demand is too high to continue registration at one time. We see there are specific community needs that need to be prioritized as we move forward. We thank you for continuing to support our nonprofit, our volunteer-run website, and helping us bring visual arts the Denver area. We are so excited to have all of our studios filled with the creative energy that all of your children bring to the unique themes designed by our staff this summer! \*\*Partnership with Laradon\*\* `[Laradon](`[``](`)`'s mission is to be an organization of excellence that provides superior, individualized services to children and adults with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities, supporting their independence in daily life and maximizing their full potential. The Art Garage is working in collaboration with Laradon holding 6 classes/week. The Laradon Artists are working on a final piece for a show featured this May that will be open to the public! We will be sure to update you with details as it gets closer. A special thanks to Alison, Paige and Izaac for their facilitation and their wonderful commitment throughout the program. \*\*Exploring New Art Materials\*\* Our 9-12 year old Arctic Explorations class during Winter Break had the opportunity to to try out some new paper clay recipes! The process starts with drawings of the sculpture, then making the skeleton to support the clay, and finally adding the clay on top and painting it if desired. Find the recipe for this paper clay and more paper mache recipes `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \*\*Staff Updates\*\* Welcome New Art Garage Volunteers, Kate and Nicki! So excited to have you as a part of our team! \#\#\# Events in our Community \*\*Joy Giles' Art Showing at Mad Greens\*\* Opening day: Sunday, March 6th from 12PM-3PM Across from the Denver Art Museum: 1200 Acoma St., Ste 101a, Denver, CO, 80204 The Art Garage’s Community Liaison and Instructor, Joy Giles, will be displaying her personal, mixed-media artwork at Mad Greens the entire month of March! Come support Joy March 6th and 7th from 12PM-3PM when she will be available to answer questions, meet with people, and talk about her incredible pieces. \*\*The Art Garage Joins Soccer Electric for the Summer of 2022\*\* Denver East High School; June 6 - 10, 2022 Join us for soccer, movies, and art at CAMPLIFY 2022! Soccer Electric is teaming up with The Art Garage, the SIE Film Center, Nature's Educators, and more amazing organizations around Denver for their 8th annual CAMPLIFY. Learn more and register `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \#\#\# Community Resources \*\*Featured Artist of the Month: N3ptune\*\* Instagram: @N3ptune Named a “Denver Musician to Watch in 2021” by 303 Magazine, N3ptune is an explosive multi-hyphenate hailing from Denver. A proudly queer singer/songwriter, producer, dancer, model, actor, and director, N3ptune is carving out a lane of his own in our city. Beginning as a producer and singer-songwriter while he was in high school, N3ptune quickly became a staple in Denver’s burgeoning DIY scene. He has headlined Denver’s pridefest multiple times, Denver Fashion week in 2021 and is a resident artist at Meadowlark on Larimer. He hopes to tour in 2022 for his newly released EP, _Renaissance_. Check out N3ptune’s Instagram to get _Renaissance_ and support the tour through his `[GoFundMe](`[``](`)`! \*\*Do you know of an artist who might like to be featured?\*\* Contact []( to submit a local artist! \*\*Video: "Denver Talks"\*\* Denver Arts and Venues, in partnership with the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships and the Office of the Mayor presents "Denver Talks". This program features an in-depth discussion with author and educator Jennifer Harvey, Ph.D. and focuses on her most recent book, "Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America". Watch it `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \*\*Looking to improve your figure drawing skills?\*\* `[SKETCH DAILY](`[``](`)` is a database of free images to use for your figure drawing needs. You can filter images by gender, nudity or no nudity, type of pose, and angle. \*\*Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson\*\* “I was browsing books on display for Black History month at the public library one day and I came across this book. I love young adult fiction and this book looked interesting so I checked it out. When I got home I started reading a few pages and was hooked! Before I went to bed that night I had finished the entire book! This is a story about Jade, a junior in high school, who is just trying to figure things out and find her voice in a world she feels she has no control over. She has a complex relationship with “opportunities” and wonders why her opportunities just feel like programs that want to fix her. She is a wonderful collage artist and ultimately, her art gives her a real opportunity to do good in her community. There is a lot of history about Portland, Oregon, where this story takes place, Black history, current events regarding social and racial justice, artist references, socio-economics, self expression and how powerful your creativity can be. It’s packed with goodness and so well written! I highly recommend this book!” - Joy Giles, Community Liaison
Hannah Bean
Program Director


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