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\#\#\# Program Updates \*\*Katie Adamson Conservation Fund\*\* The Art Garage and Soccer Electric are beyond excited about a new partnership with Dave Johnson! Dave works with pachyderms at the Denver Zoo, has written `[3 children's books that introduce kids to wildlife](`[``](`)`, and is the founder and Executive Director of the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF). Part of our registration fee for Soccer Electric and The Art Garage’s “Art and Movement” after school classes at Park Hill Elementary will go to support the important work of the KACF. Dave spoke to our “Art and Movement” students on October 3rd and students continued the conservation conversation with an art project inspired by Dave and KACF’s mission to “help empower the people of our planet to work together to save our remaining ecosystems and all of the creatures they contain.” What do these efforts look like? Dave says, "We are finishing up a Climbing For Cloudies campaign this month to help with clouded leopard conservation. Everyone has been getting outdoors and getting sponsorships for their efforts to combine exercise and wildlife protection. We work with this endangered species in both Vietnam and Malaysia with a local biologist out of Ft. Collins. I follow this up with a team climb up Kilimanjaro at the end of October. We will have a team of 8 visiting Tanzania and putting up beehive fences to help with human/elephant conflict mitigation." Learn more about KACF, donate, and get involved in conservation efforts [here!](%5B<br> <br> \*\*iPhone Donations\*\* Do you have an old or outdated iPhone taking up space in your junk drawer? The Art Garage is currently seeking iPhone donations for photographing our students’ amazing artwork in our studios! We are accepting donations of iPhone models 11, 12, 13 or 14. Reach out to []( to learn more! \*\*Featured Upcoming Classes:\*\* \*\*Open Studio\*\* Fridays, 6PM-9PM Need space to work on art? Get inspired and in the zone with creative peers at The Art Garage Open Studio! Open Studio creates a space for artists to practice their art, get messy outside of home and work alongside other local artists. The Art Garage is excited to offer this opportunity to the Denver community and we hope to see you there! Join us for our inaugural Open Studio on Friday, November 11th from 6PM-9PM at The Art Garage. Register today `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \*\*Teen Classes\*\* We couldn't be more excited about our November/December session of art classes for artists ages 13-18! Join us on Sundays from 12PM-2PM for [Ceramics](%5B or [Altered Books](%5B, Tuesdays after school for [Fiber Arts](%5B, Wednesdays from 1PM-3PM for our [homeschool art class](%5B, or Wednesdays after school for [Painting Through Poetry](%5B! Whatever your skill level or interest, The Art Garage's Teen Art Classes promote creative self-expression and help young artists develop their technical skillsets and personal style. Register today `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \*\*Transitional Toddler Class\*\* Thursdays, 11:30AM-12:30PM These classes are perfect for little artists that have taken our Artsy Tots classes and are getting ready to begin school or take drop-off classes here at The Art Garage! Adults will have the option to stay with their toddlers while they work with age-appropriate art materials and processes or step out and allow their toddler to try their hands at working alone in a safe and supportive environment. Each class will consist of 1 hour of structured activities designed to develop motor skills, engage toddlers in the visual arts, and encourage independent creativity. \*\*Daytime Series for Young Artists\*\* 9:30AM-1:30PM, Ages 3-5 Mondays 10/24 - 12/12 (7 weeks - no classes 11/21) This class is perfect for young artists who are preparing to start school or attend school part-time! Our skilled instructor will encourage cross-curriculum connections and kindergarten preparedness through age-appropriate lessons inspired by famous artists and creative exploration. Art lessons will include movement exercises, emotion check-ins and relevant stories to help students express themselves through their art. (Register Today!]([]( \*\*There's so much more to explore at The Art Garage\!\*\* See all of our upcoming classes for toddlers\, kids\, teens\, and adults `[HERE](`[``](`)`! \#\#\# Events in our Community \*\*The Art Garage's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration\!\*\* Saturday, October 15th, 10AM-5PM 6100 E 23rd Ave, Denver, 80207 We can't believe it’s been 10 years since The Art Garage became a non-profit! We are so deeply grateful for our incredible community and want to thank each of you for your support over the last decade! Join us at The Art Garage on Saturday, October 15th for our anniversary celebration including fall refreshments, art activities for the whole family, and a silent auction. This celebration is free and open to the public and we can’t wait to celebrate with our community! \*\*Park Hill Open Studio Tour\*\* Saturday and Sunday, October 15th & 16th, 10AM-5PM 24 local artists at 10 locations in Denver’s beautiful Park Hill neighborhood will open up their studio doors to the public for the 9th annual Park Hill Open Studio Tour on October 15th and 16th!  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to meet and support local artists, get a jump on your holiday shopping, and view a wide variety of incredible artworks including paintings, pottery, glass, and jewelry! Maps are available for pick up at The Art Garage (6100 E 23rd Ave, Denver, 80207) where our staff will be displaying and selling their own artwork as well! \#\#\# Community Resources \*\*Article: Jordan Casteel's New World Contemplates the Natural World and Human Nature\*\* Jordan Casteel, a Denver-born artist who recently relocated to upstate New York, was featured this month in [Juxtapoz magazine](%5B for her new work on display at [Casey Kaplan Gallery](%5B in New York City. “In a departure from the comforts of an inbuilt community…the transition to a more secluded, sylvan landscape prompted a period of inner-contemplation that necessitated a new approach. Casteel took to social media to initiate an online discourse to connect with and act as a connector for people of color who resided in the area. The resulting forum encouraged discussion and mutual engagement; in turn, introducing the artist to Morgan, Damani and Shola, and Marisa, Isabel and Sage, who would later become the subjects of her paintings.” Learn more about Jordan Casteel [[**HERE**](]([]( ! \*\*Joyous Book Club\*\* Monthly book recommendations from The Art Garage's Community Liaison, Joy Giles \*\*So Lucky by Nicola Griffith\*\* This book is small but mighty! It tells the story of Mara, the head of a multi million dollar AIDS foundation, who finds herself slammed with an abundance of life changing circumstances in a very short period of time: her wife leaves her, she loses her job, and she’s diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Mara experiences first hand how disabled people are not treated fairly or even acknowledged at times and decides to start a new non-profit for people with MS. The book takes a couple of terrifying twists related to Mara’s MS: one about how her body is changing and how it reacts to newly prescribed medications and the other about a string of murders targeting people with MS. It was great to read about a protagonist who has so many odds stacked against her but is no victim. This book is definitely for adults. \*\*The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen\*\* This story centers around Jessica, a sprinter on her high school track team, and a terrible bus accident that is fatal for another team member and leaves Jessica with an injury to her leg that requires an amputation. As Jessica goes through rigorous and painful rehabilitation, depression, and anxiety as she re-enters her life, she meets many wonderful new people. One of these amazing people is Rosa, who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. Because Jessica is temporarily in a wheelchair, too, she is seated next to Rosa in her math class. As this relationship develops, Jessica realizes that Rosa is a math wiz and a really kind person with her own hopes and dreams - dreams that Jessica becomes determined to help Rosa realize as she comes to terms with her own new reality. This is such a wonderful story of determination, kindness, and the message that disabled doesn’t mean not able - it’s one of my all time favorites!
Claire Simpson
Program Assistant


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