April 20, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  APRIL 20, 2020

This simple game is easy to set up and clean up and teaches shapes, animals, letters, and even colors with gross motor play! Start by making a few simple shapes and/or letters on the ground, a few feet apart. Use sidewalk chalk if you're playing outside or tape if you're playing inside (masking tape or painters tape will work best). For a little extra fun, you can make two or more of each shape or letter using different colors. Have the kids help you set up- this can be almost as fun as playing the game!

Now it's time to get moving, playing, and learning! Give simple commands like "run to the square" or "crawl to the 'X'" and add in more challenges and silliness with commands like "crab walk to the green circle" and "hop like a frog to the blue 'T.'"

Have fun and check in throughout the week for more activities, projects, and games!


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