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\#\#\# Program Updates \*\*Now Hiring Director of Education\*\* The Director of Education provides leadership for The Art Garage’s art educational programs, managing rosters of teaching artists and three full time team members. The Director of Education reports to the Executive Director and serves in senior management roles, collaborating in grant and funding development to ensure The Art Garage’s daily programming aligns with its mission. The Director of Education will work as an advocate and take initiative to support the organization’s DEIA advancement.  `[Apply Here](`[`[…]&utm_medium=mail&cid=e7f37d06-6cb2-4cfb-a7df-0b9659e15668`](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Thank You to our 2022 Donors and Sponsors\!\*\* \*\*SCFD\*\* "SCFD is the only cultural funding model in the nation that serves a region of seven counties. They fund nearly 300 organizations across our front-range urban corridor, distributing more than $60 million annually. These tax dollars provide critical operational support for small, medium, and large organizations. " \*\*Colorado Creative Industries\*\* "Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) believes in the power of creativity to inspire human connections, create social change, and support economic vibrancy throughout Colorado. They focus on strengthening the vitality of visual, performing, and literary arts through promotion, resources, and funding opportunities." \*\*Office of Children's Affairs\*\* The Office of Children's Affairs connects communities, government agencies and other stakeholders to support the safety, well-being and development of young people and their families; advocates on behalf of children, their families, and service providers to remove barriers and increase their opportunities; supports programs that are innovative, equitable and effective through funding and technical assistance; and leads across the child and youth-serving field by engaging youth voice, assessing community needs and innovating the ways in which we work. \*\*Laws Whiskey\*\* Laws Whiskey is redefining Great American Whiskey. Every whiskey we make is on its own road creating an heirloom grain, terroir-driven flavor experience for our fellow whiskey hunters. \*\*Altar'd State\*\* Our mission is to serve as an inspiration, empower others and give more than we receive. We do this by lifting those who need a helping hand, volunteering our time to enrich lives, and extending the power of prayer. David and Jody Smith Family Fund MacMeier Foundation Elizabeth Ring Mathers and Willian Gwinn Mather Fund Hoffman Family Charitable Fund Linda and Wes Brown Tess Ireland Hallinan \*\*Thank You\*\* to everyone who has supported us with donations through Colorado Gives 365 and through private donations\. Without the support of our community we would not be able to deliver on our mission of bringing the arts to people of all ages and backgrounds\. thank You to our Board of Directors! Christopher Wink-Chair Linda Brown- Accountant Tess Ireland Hallinan Marna Steuart Kazia Jankowski Mishkin Lori Goldstein Shira Shump `[Join the Board](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Thank you to all of our volunteers\!\*\* The Art Garage is very grateful to all who have volunteered for us this past year. You work and time is very valuable to us and our programs would not function without your support! Your commitment and dedication to bettering your community has not gone unnoticed. We are always working with new volunteers, reach out today if you're interested in joining our team! `[Volunteer with us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Lottery Update\*\* 396 out of 645 2023 Summer Camp spots have been filled and many classes are full! As the lottery starts to come to a close, you may be awarded a week and find that the camps in your student(s) age group(s) are full. Since entries for the lottery are by week and don't specify age groups or times, you will still be notified of selection even if your desired classes are full. We encourage you to click the "Decline this Week" button in your selection email if this is the case, allowing the next family to be selected. If you'd like to take a look at which classes are full, you can log into the lottery page `[Here](`[``](`)` using your Art Garage email and password. The amount of remaining spots in each class can be seen below the camp's photo. `[Lottery FAQ](`[``](`)`<br> <br> ##Job Openings at The Art Garage \*\*Director of Education\*\* The Director of Education provides leadership for The Art Garage’s art educational programs, managing rosters of teaching artists and three full time team members. The Director of Education reports to the Executive Director and serves in senior management roles, collaborating in grant and funding development to ensure The Art Garage’s daily programming aligns with its mission. The Director of Education will work as an advocate and take initiative to support the organization’s DEIA advancement. \*\*Studio Assistants\*\*  The Art Garage Studio Assistants are responsible for many different aspects of The Art Garage’s success including but not limited to the following: anticipatory needs of students and teachers, proficiency of studio function and aid in administrative duties. Assistants also assist teachers in the classroom, as well as ensure general studio maintenance. Studio assistant’s work includes; assist prepping materials at the beginning of classes, preparing snacks for students, assist teachers in classroom clean up, assist students in classes, office work, answering phones, lead students in games, or provide story time to students while on break, cleaning and organizing art supplies and overall garage including restrooms, sinks, mopping, etc. \*\*Visual Arts Instructors\, Facilitators\, and Visual Art Party Instructors\*\* The Art Garage Instructors role is to facilitate a group of students through hands-on exploration of the visual arts using a variety of techniques and materials while meeting each student where they are at and guiding them through personal learning and growth. In this position you work directly with the children and family to offer high-energy, fast-paced, exciting and creative art parties. Families work together with the Administrative Assistant on choosing an art theme and materials. Teachers and Studio Assistant will greet the host family, guest of honor and the guests as they come in. Teachers are responsible for developing a 1.5 hr project/lesson plan, providing classroom management and engaging participants. Teachers should be comfortable with leading a game, story-time, song or dance to keep students engaged during any spare time during the party. In this position you are not only working as an art teacher, but also as a party host and entertainer to give the families a stress free, fun and safe party for their child. For more information on each position and instructions on how to apply, please visit the `["Get Involved"](`[``](`)` tab on our website. \*\*iPhone Donations\*\* Do you have an old or outdated iPhone taking up space in your junk drawer? The Art Garage is currently seeking iPhone donations for photographing our students’ amazing artwork in our studios! We are accepting donations of iPhone models 11, 12, 13 or 14. Reach out to []( to learn more! \*\*Featured Upcoming Classes:\*\* \*\*Teen Ceramics \(Feb/Mar\)\*\* Sundays, 12:00PM-2:00PM This 6-week session is perfect for any skill level and will be structured to ensure you learn the aspects of hand building, wheel throwing, and glazing. Students will develop and grow their ceramic skills through techniques and projects led by our skilled instructor. `[Join Us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Daytime Series for Young Artists\*\* Wednesdays (Feb/Mar), 9:30AM - 1:30PM Over the course of this 5-week series, students will complete many masterpieces and improve their technical art skills while expanding their knowledge of the world around them through age-appropriate lessons inspired by famous artists. Art lessons will include movement exercises, emotion check-ins and relevant stories to help students express themselves through their art. Please note: we will take both a snack and lunch break in this class. `[Sign up!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Teen Abstract Painting\*\* Wednesdays, 5:00PM - 7:00PM Get ready to leave your preconceived notions of art at the door in this multi-media course! Artists of all skill levels will explore a new medium and its use in abstract art each week as they experiment with a variety of techniques for incorporating it into their own artwork. Students will discuss subjectivity and emotional expression through art, complete an abstract “self-portrait,” and leave class with an expanded idea of what art can be. `[Start Creating!](`[``](`)`<br><br>\*\*There's so much more to explore at The Art Garage\!\*\* See all of our upcoming classes for toddlers\, kids\, teens\, and adults `[HERE](`[``](`)`! <br> <br> <br> \#\#\# Events in our Community \*\*Hyperlink\- Fan Mail 2\.0\*\* Feb 3rd - Apr 1st Dairy Arts Center " `[Hyperlink](`[``](`)` , formed in 2014, is a nebulous artist collective dedicated to alternative artistic experiences, practices, opportunities, and expanding community. With _Fan Mail 2.0_, Hyperlink aims to straddle the boundary between virtual connection and physical action by asking each of its members to select an artist they are interested in, inspired by, and a fan of and then inviting them to show their work in the context of our community. " _Fan Mail 2.0_ is featuring The Art Garage staff member Claire Simpson! Check out the show and support her work `[HERE](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Black History Month Public Art Tour\*\* "To celebrate Black History Month, they've compiled works in the Denver Public Art collection by Black artists and works celebrating Black history. On this self-guided tour, you’ll find art in many different forms by Black artists. Explore colorful murals, sculptures, abstract paintings and mosaics—many by local artists." `[Take the Tour!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Funny Kid Moments From The Art Garage\*\* Instructor, "What brings you peace?" 4 year old, "Rainbow lava." \-\-\- Instructor, "Tomorrow is the last day of the year. does anyone know what year it will be?" 5 year old, "2023!" Instructor, "That's right! So what was this year?" 5 year old, "Christmas!" \-\-\- Instructor reading a story, "...sometimes a little princess wants to be a little wild..." 6 year old, "well sometimes my dog drinks out of the toilet." \-\-\- \*\*Staff Picks\*\* by Izaac Tafoya: `[Fate and Fabled](`[``](`)` This is a YouTube series funded by PBS. They have fun illustrated lessons about less known ancient myths and gods through-out history. by Joy Giles: `[Jonah Larson](`[``](`)` This kid [Jonah]is amazing! He makes amazing crocheted pieces and then donates his profits to a school in Ethiopia: "Jonah Larson is a 12 year old crochet prodigy from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to giving back have earned him a worldwide following. His story has been featured in hundreds of articles including in the New York Times, The Times of London, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, People and the USA Today. He has appeared on the Today Show, Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy, The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Drew Barrymore Show, and Pickler & Ben. At age 11, Jonah authored his first book called “Hello, Crochet Friends!“. His second book called “Giving Back Crochet” will be released June 2020. Jonah is most proud of his philanthropic work and has funded his first Jonah’s Hands Library in Ethiopia in the rural village where he was born. He is currently raising money to build those same children a science lab. Jonah speaks nationally about doing what makes you happy and the importance of inclusivity. He has won hundreds of awards for his crochet pieces and designs. Jonah often sells these items to raise money for his philanthropic work in his community. Jonah also started his own business called Jonah Hands, LLC at age 11. On his website, he features tutorials teaching others to learn crochet. Jonah’s family consists of an older brother (Leif), a younger sister (Mercy), his mother (Jennifer), his father, (Christopher) and his two dogs (Bella & Charlie). Jonah’s most famous phrase is “Crochet Brings The World Together One Stitch At a Time”." `[Max Alexander](`[``](`)` This kid [Max] is only 6 years old! He designs his own couture and sews it all himself.  "Max Alexander was born in 2016 in Los Angeles, California to a Canadian father and American mother. He graduated from Little Dolphins by the Sea, an arts-based preschool, in 2021. During his time there, he was heavily influenced by the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Yayoi Kusama, Frida Kahlo and Alexander Calder. Encouraged by his mother, also an artist, Max became a self-trained sewist and launched his Couture to the Max label in 2021." \*\*African American Heritage Month\*\* February is African American Heritage Month! Check out all the ways Denver is celebrating though upcoming events. `[Explore heritage month in Denver](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Scholarships\!\*\* Partial and full scholarships are awarded to students of all ages for The Art Garage classes, camps, and workshops! Scholarships are based on financial need and demonstrated motivation. Applicants are expected to have transportation to and from class, to attend class regularly, and to fully participate in all class activities. Students' participation and attendance will be recorded and will be considered by The Art Garage administration in awarding future scholarships. Please fill out the scholarship application and find additional information `[HERE](`[``](`)`
Claire Simpson
Program Assistant


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