March Newsletter


\#\#\# Program Updates \*\*Hannah Bean is now our Program Director\!\*\* The Art Garage delivers high quality art education that is efficient and effective with a focus on self expression, technique, and empowerment. Our success is largely dependent on the ability of our programming team. We are excited to announce Hannah Bean, previously our Administrative Assistant, as our new Program Director! Hannah has been at The Art Garage for over 3 years and has made huge contributions to our programs and in supporting our mission. We are so glad to have Hannah as a valuable member of our team! \*\*Community Engagement\*\* Building relationships and ongoing engagement with our community is part of our work. We invite you to reach out to us. Joy Giles, our community engagement coordinator, is here for you if you want to `[connect.](mailto:`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Lottery Update\*\* 505 out of 645, 2023 Summer Camp spots have been filled and many classes are full! As the lottery starts to come to a close, you may be awarded a week and find that the camps in your student(s) age group(s) are full. Since entries for the lottery are by week and don't specify age groups or times, you will still be notified of selection even if your desired classes are full. We encourage you to click the "Decline this Week" button in your selection email if this is the case, allowing the next family to be selected. If you'd like to take a look at which classes are full, you can log into the lottery page `[Here](`[``](`)` using your Art Garage email and password. The amount of remaining spots in each class can be seen below the camp's photo. `[Lottery FAQ](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*iPhone Donations\*\* Do you have an old or outdated iPhone taking up space in your junk drawer? The Art Garage is currently seeking iPhone donations for photographing our students’ amazing artwork in our studios! We are accepting donations of iPhone models 11, 12, 13 or 14. Reach out to []( to learn more! \*\*Featured Upcoming Classes:\*\* \*\*Adult Collage at the Bob Ragland Library\*\* (March) Tuesdays, 1:00PM-3:00PM This class will take place at the Bob Ragland library branch (1900 35th St Suite A, Denver, CO 80216). In this 3-week class, we will give paper, books, and magazines a new life as we explore the many ways to create a collage masterpiece! Students will experiment with a variety of collage-making techniques as they learn about collage artists and discover interesting materials to collage with. Materials for this class will be provided by The Art Garage, but students are welcome to bring in their own maps, books, magazines, etc. to use as well. `[Join Us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Joy of Creativity at the Bob Ragland Library\*\* Tuesdays (April), 1:00PM - 3:00PM This class will take place at the Bob Ragland library branch (1900 35th St Suite A, Denver, CO 80216). In this 4-week class, we’ll reconnect with the simple pleasure of creating without the pressure and expectation of perfect masterpieces. Artists of all skill levels will discover joy in the artistic process as they experiment with a variety of techniques and give themselves permission to draw, color, create patterns, cut shapes, and most importantly, have fun! `[Sign up!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Ceramics \(March\)\*\* Tuesdays, 4:30PM - 6:30PM Students of all skill levels will develop their ceramic techniques in this 4-week class! Our instructor will lead young artists through the fundamentals of hand building, texturing, throwing on the wheel, and finishing pieces with glazing as they create fun and unique projects with clay. `[Start Creating!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Rainforest Animals\*\* Tuesdays, 4:30PM - 6:30PM n this 3-week class, we’ll study and take inspiration from the colorful creatures that call the rainforest home! Students will learn fun facts about rainforest animals like sloths, tree frogs, and leopards as they experiment with a variety of media and create masterpieces in honor of these amazing animals and their disappearing habitats. `[Join us!](`[``](`)`<br><br>\*\*There's so much more to explore at The Art Garage\!\*\* See all of our upcoming classes for toddlers\, kids\, teens\, and adults `[HERE](`[``](`)`! <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> \#\#\# Events in our Community \*\*Denver Post Summer Camps\*\* 2023 This section provides listings of summer camps in Colorado for summer 2023. There are a variety of camps that span interests including arts, sports, drama, technology, and horsemanship. You can find more info `[Here](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Call for Entry\, I Do / You Do / We Do\*\* Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver "The Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver will host an exhibition celebrating teachers by showcasing the best artwork from our Colorado art educators. The exhibition titled "I Do / You Do / We Do" uses the scaffolding model of instruction as its theme. Work should investigate the teaching profession, whether it is specific to your practice or the educational system. We would like to deepen our audience’s understanding of what is happening in schools at this point in history. The "I Do / You Do / We Do" exhibition call for entry is now open to current or retired K-12 or college-level art educators working in Colorado and they want to include you! Help mark this occasion by submitting your work for consideration in the upcoming exhibition." `[Learn How to Submit!](`[``](`)`<br><br>March is \*Women's History Month\!\* Visit the Center for Colorado Women's History; a historic house filled with early 20th century stories\. `[Plan your visit!](`[``](`)`<br><br>\*\*Funny Kid Moments From The Art Garage\*\* 3 year old, "How did they make that monster?" Instructor, "It's paper mache. Do you know what paper mache is?" 3 year old, "Yes. Are you paper mache?" \-\-\- 3 year old, "It's freezing out there. It's like a frozen carrot. It's like a frozen carrot out there!" \-\-\- Instructor, "What happens when you put salt on water color?" 8 year old, "It blows up. I've tried it." (Note: It does not blow up. It makes a cool crystalline pattern!) \-\-\- \*\*Staff Picks\*\* by Izaac Tafoya: `[Dazza](`[``](`)` This artist makes 3d printed homes for their neighborhood frogs, using plastics sourced from corn. What started from one frog affectionately named Frodric has evolved into a community of Australasia's little critter friends. \*\*Scholarships\!\*\* Partial and full scholarships are awarded to students of all ages for The Art Garage classes, camps, and workshops! Scholarships are based on financial need and demonstrated motivation. Applicants are expected to have transportation to and from class, to attend class regularly, and to fully participate in all class activities. Students' participation and attendance will be recorded and will be considered by The Art Garage administration in awarding future scholarships. Please fill out the scholarship application and find additional information `[HERE](`[``](`)`
Claire Simpson
Program Assistant


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