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\#\#\# Program Updates \*\*Savannah Full\-time position\!\*\* The Art Garage is excited to announce that our Studio Assistant and Instructor, Savannah Ducharm, will be joining us full-time starting in May! The Art Garage employs practicing artists, and takes pride in the creativity of our staff that makes each program we offer unique. Savannah has been teaching at The Art Garage for over 2 years, and is an important member of our community. If you see her around, make sure to congratulate her! \*\*Lottery Update\*\* Let's speed things up\! There are about 100 Summer Camp spots remaining in the lottery and The Art Garage has made some changes to expedite the end of the lottery process\. Lottery winners now have a \*\*24\-hour window\*\* to register for camps \*\*after being notified\*\* of selection instead of 48\-hours and families were \*\*given the opportunity to opt\-out\*\* of the lottery if they have made alternative summer plans\.  We have also opened **additional Art Garage Summer Camps**\*\*\*\* at Westerly Creek Elementary School \(8800 E 28th Ave\, Denver\, CO 80238\) for general registration \(not through the lottery\)\! These camps are not limited to Westerly Creek students\. Join us Monday\-Thursday from 8:30AM\-3:30PM the weeks of June 12th\, July 10th\, and July 24th \*\*Volunteer Opportunity\*\* Do you have experience with basic wood construction? Or have access to a chop saw, table saw, or circular saws? We're looking for someone to help us build planter boxes for our summer gardens. If you like to build and are interested in supporting our efforts to maximize our growing space, please reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator, Joy Giles \*\*iPhone Donations\*\* Do you have an old or outdated iPhone taking up space in your junk drawer? The Art Garage is currently seeking iPhone donations for photographing our students’ amazing artwork in our studios! We are accepting donations of iPhone models 11, 12, 13 or 14. Reach out to []( to learn more! \*\*Featured Upcoming Classes:\*\* \*\*Adult Paper\-making\*\* (April) Tuesdays, 5:30PM-7:30PM Paper is not just a white, flat surface - it’s a medium that can transform into sculpture, books, and so much more! In this 4-week class, students will learn the process of making their own paper from recycled and natural fibers, explore texture and color, and experiment with transforming their paper into a variety of art pieces. `[Join Us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Adult Mixed Media\*\* (April) Thursdays, 1:00PM-3:00PM Using paper, fabric, found objects, and various other materials, create amazing 2 and 3 dimensional compositions. You will print, layer, glue, nail, and sew your way to creating fantastic art pieces that could express personal or historical experiences, allow exploration in color and texture, or just give yourself time to express your creativity and make something with your own hands! `[Sign up today!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Joy of Creativity at the Bob Ragland Library\*\* Tuesdays (April), 1:00PM - 3:00PM This class will take place at the Bob Ragland library branch (1900 35th St Suite A, Denver, CO 80216). In this 4-week class, we’ll reconnect with the simple pleasure of creating without the pressure and expectation of perfect masterpieces. Artists of all skill levels will discover joy in the artistic process as they experiment with a variety of techniques and give themselves permission to draw, color, create patterns, cut shapes, and most importantly, have fun! `[Sign up!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*AG Workshop Series\*\* (April/May) Wednesdays, 1:00PM - 3:00PM This 7-week class will explore artistic mediums, styles and history and is perfect for homeschool students or anyone looking for supplemental art education! Students will combine technical skills and processes to learn fundamentals of art while working on short-term projects and long-term masterpieces. `[4-12 year old sign up](`[``](`)` `[9-12 year old sign up](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Rainbow Theory\*\* (April) Tuesdays, 4:30PM - 6:30PM Science and art come together in this 4-week class designed to give young artists a better understanding of color. Students will perform color experiments to create new colors, learn about tints and shades, and explore color theory through fun and hands on projects! `[Join us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*3\-2\-1 Blast Off\!\*\* (April) Wednesdays, 4:30PM - 6:30PM Calling all artistic astronauts! In this 4-week class we will explore outer space as we explore a variety of media and create out-of-this-world masterpieces. Students will learn about planets, our solar system, and stars as they experiment with watercolor, tempera, and oil pastels and learn new techniques. `[Join Us!](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*Westerly Creek Summer Camps\*\* (June/July) 8:30AM - 3:30PM These classes takes place at Westerly Creek Elementary School (8800 E 28th Ave, Denver, CO 80238). These classes are open to the public, and not limited to Westerly Creek students. Camps are available for K-8th grade. Didn't get the onsite Art Garage summer camp you hoped for? Here's another option to still get The Art Garage summer experience. `[Summer Camp Sign Up!](`[``](`)`<br><br><br>\*\*There's so much more to explore at The Art Garage\!\*\* See all of our upcoming classes for toddlers\, kids\, teens\, and adults `[HERE](`[``](`)`! <br> \#\#\# Events in our Community \*\*Hangin' N Slangin' at Catbird Hotel\*\* April 15th 3-6PM 3770 Walnut St. Denver Check out this pop-up show featuring The Art Garage's studio assistant Elena Niermann among others at the Catbird Hotel. Also available will be local vendors selling art, jewelry, and other handmade goods! If you haven't been to the Catbird before, it's located under the Red Barber Bar where you can head to the rooftops for a drink in this perfect hangout spot. You can find more info `[Here](`[``](`)`<br> <br> \*\*National Poetry Month: Epistolary Poetry Workshop\*\* Part One: April 10th, 11AM-1PM Center for Colorado Women's History "In partnership with Twenty Bellows, The Center for Colorado Women’s History invites you to explore National Poetry Month! In part one of “Past & Present Writers of the West: National Poetry Month,” participants will explore the second floor of our historic home and examine correspondence artifacts to then create their own epistolary poems, poems that read as letters." Register `[HERE](`[`;instance=20230410110000&popup=1`](;instance=20230410110000&popup=1)`)` for Part One. \*\*National Poetry Month: Poetry From the Dwelling Workshop\*\* Part Two: April 17th, 11AM-1PM Center for Colorado Women's History "Participants will explore the main floor of the home and examine artifacts from the kitchen and dining area to create their own recipe and/or object poems. This workshop will focus on crafting strong, well-paced, and clever poems inspired by Colorado history" Register `[HERE](`[`;instance=20230417110000&popup=1`](;instance=20230417110000&popup=1)`)` for Part Two. If you are interested in financial assistance to attend these events, Twenty Bellows is offering 5 scholarship. Click `[HERE](`[``](`)` to apply. \*\*Poetry with a Colorado Sensibility: A Panel with Colorado Poets\*\* April 17th 1-3PM Center for Colorado Women's History "The final installment of the CCWH and Twenty Bellows Collaboration celebrating National Poetry Month\, “Past & Present Writers of the West'' is \_Poetry With a Colorado Sensibility\. \_The panel\, \*\*hosted by Marissa Forbes\*\*\, will focus on being a female poet in Colorado\. Panelists Dianna Vagianos Armentrout\, Amy Wrey Irish\, and Ashley Howell Bunn will discuss how living in Colorado affects their poetry\, how writing has helped them step in & out of traditional female roles\, and how they’re building the future history for women’s creative work in Colorado\. The panel will open and close with readings of the panelists' works\." You can find more info `[HERE](`[`;instance=20230419130000&popup=1`](;instance=20230419130000&popup=1)`)`<br> <br> \*\*Cut and Paste\*\* April 1st 10am-12pm at Birdseed Collective 4496 Grant St April 1st 1-3pm at Huckleberry Roasters 277 N Broadway Need something fun to do this April fools day? Cut and Paste Colorado is now hosting a collage event on the first Saturday of each month. Materials and snacks are provided, all you have to do is show up and have fun collaging with other creatives! Keep up to date by giving Cut and Paste a `[Follow](`[``](`)`<br><br>April is \*\*National Arab American Heritage Month\!\*\* To learn more visit the \*\*Arab American Foundation\*\*; a non\-profit dedicated to empowering\, supporting\, and celebrating Arab Americans\. `[Learn how to support Arab American's in your community](`[``](`)`<br><br>\*\*Funny Kid Moments From The Art Garage\*\* Instructor, "What's the future?" 3 year old, "It's something in the past." \-\-\- 4 year old, "Sorry I'm late!" as she runs out of the bathroom to play I-Spy. \-\-\- Instructor, "What does reflective mean?" 6 year old, "Sometimes unicorms hide but they still make rainbows." \-\-\- \*\*Staff Picks\*\* by Hannah Bean: `[Casey Kawaguchi](`[``](`)` "Casey Kawaguchi is a Japanese American artist based in Denver. Born and raised in Utah, his artistic practice began in graffiti, where his dedication to precision met the chaos of the spray can. His work revolves around a recurring character that reflects his identity as an Asian American artist while representing the power of the creativity that he feels resides within each of us. Drawing from his earliest inspirations of comic books, illustration and his Japanese heritage, his work conveys a simplicity and balance, where the contemporary meets tradition in a powerful display. Kawaguchi’s work has been exhibited across the United States and can be seen in his multitude of murals across metro Denver. Kawaguchi currently works as a mentor at Redline Contemporary Art Center and believes that passing on the creative spark is the greatest purpose his work can serve." \*\*Scholarships\!\*\* Partial and full scholarships are awarded to students of all ages for The Art Garage classes, camps, and workshops! Scholarships are based on financial need and demonstrated motivation. Applicants are expected to have transportation to and from class, to attend class regularly, and to fully participate in all class activities. Students' participation and attendance will be recorded and will be considered by The Art Garage administration in awarding future scholarships. Please fill out the scholarship application and find additional information `[HERE](`[``](`)`<br> <br> "Did you know about \*\*4\.3 million children\*\* get access to arts and culture educational opportunities through funding provided by SCFD\." The Art Garage’s is sponsored by SCFD; a cultural funding tax district that serves 7 counties in the Denver Metro Area. Did you know that SCFD can offer this funding because YOU voted for it? To keep the arts and culture alive and healthy in Denver, SCFD uses just one penny of every $10 sales tax dollars in the district to give back to the organizations like The Art Garage. Thank \*\*YOU\*\* for voting for arts science and culture\!
Claire Simpson
Program Assistant


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