April 22, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  APRIL 22, 2020

This simple salt dough recipe will get you and your little artists started on a ton of fun activities! Salt dough only takes 3 ingredients and can be used like clay to make ornaments, beads, animal sculptures, or anything else you can imagine! (Warning: Salt dough is toxic to dogs so keep your furry friends away from this project!)

Salt dough recipe:
* 1 cup of salt
* 2 cups of all-purpose flour
* 1 cup of cold water

* In a large bowl, mix salt and flour together.
* Slowly mix in water, a few tablespoons at a time, until dough is smooth and easy to handle
* Knead with your hands until smooth and combined - about 10 minutes
* Let the dough rest at least 20 minutes. At this point you can also put your dough into a tupperware and store to use later.
* Get creative!
* Place your salt dough creations into the oven at 250F for about 2 hours or until dry and hardened. The amount of time needed to bake depends on the size and thickness of the salt dough creations. You can also air dry salt dough by sitting it in a window sill for a day or two!
* Once your creations are dry, hardened, and cooled completely, they are ready to paint! Acrylic or tempera will work well and you can always add glitter, marker, or anything else you like.

What can you make with your salt dough? Anything you want! You can make lovely ornaments or simple home decorations by using a cookie cutter to cut circles or other shapes into your dough and making impressions with hands, feet, or found objects like leaves or legos! Other fun projects are rolling your dough out into 7 long "worms" and making a rainbow, creating beads, and using your dough like clay to sculpt family, pets, or anything else you can imagine!

Looking for more ideas? Check out these fun projects from HowWeeLearn.com!


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