April 24, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  APRIL 24, 2020

Sensory activities are always a hit with little ones but the downside for parents is they can get a bit messy. Sensory bottles are the perfect solution! Older kids will have fun making them with you and kids of all ages will love playing with them.

Start with a clean, empty plastic bottle (water bottles or plastic peanut butter jars are great for this!) or a zipper-top plastic bag. You might try putting a little super glue on the bottle lid or tape across the zipper of the bag when you are finished to prevent any messes.

Next, fill your sensory bottle up with fun things to shake around and explore! Here are just a few ideas:

  • water and glitter, tin foil pieces, or beads (Try using vegetable oil or baby oil for a different experience and even adding these in WITH water! You can also add some extra fun with food coloring!)
  • pom poms/puff balls
  • buttons
  • rice, beans, or other dry goods (you can also add in "I Spy" items like small toys, large sequins, or coins that can be uncovered by shaking and turning)

Looking for more? You can discover tons of fun sensory bottle ideas from Preschool Inspirations, like a magnetic bottle, an alphabet bottle, and more!


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