May 6, 2020: Today's Activity!

HANNAH BEAN  \  MAY 6, 2020

This simple puzzle activity is a ton of fun, is super easy to set up, and helps young minds learn shapes and colors while developing motor skills!

Gather some of your child's blocks (you can also use other toys, magnets, large buttons, or anything else you'd like). Trace their outlines onto paper and let your little one match up the 3D blocks with their 2D outlines for a fun DIY puzzle!

To make your puzzle more complicated, you can use markers that match your blocks (legos, buttons, etc.) to trace so that matching involves both shapes and colors. You can also make this puzzle more active by tracing each shape onto a separate piece of paper and taping them to flat surfaces around the house, making the puzzle both a matching game and a scavenger hunt! To set your puzzle up this way, start with just a few blocks or toys and put them in a bag or basket so that your little one can carry them around the house and place them on their matching papers!

Have fun and check out ToddlerAtPlay.com for pictures of this activity and more fun games and activities for toddlers!


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