Our Story

**What is The Art Garage?** The Art Garage is a nonprofit organization that provides visual arts programming including classes in and outside of our studio, workshops, summer camps, parties, and private instruction for artists of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We partner with schools, businesses, and other nonprofits to create adaptive programming for a wide range of audiences and make the visual arts more accessible to all. We strive to bolster our creative community by providing sustainable jobs for local artists, hosting free events and Open Studios, and bringing The Art Garage’s creative spark to events in the greater Denver area. **Our Story** The Art Garage was founded by local artist Barb McKee as a for-profit visual arts center in a converted mechanic’s garage in 2006. The primary focus was to provide opportunities for professional artists to instruct classes and workshops and share their expertise with the Park Hill neighborhood and beyond. In 2012, The Art Garage officially transitioned into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, keeping the original founding principle of supporting working artists and the local arts community with us while working to broaden outreach, increase program impact, and collaborate with partner organizations throughout the greater Denver community. Read more about our Mission and Vision [HERE](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/99)! Over a decade later, The Art Garage’s high-quality art education classes, workshops, and summer camps are taught by local artists for students of all ages and ability levels all over the Denver Metro Area! With a focus on equity and accessibility in the visual arts, The Art Garage has partnered with organizations including [Laradon](https://laradon.org/) (adults with developmental disabilities), [SOAR](https://www.soarcolorado.org/) (youth who have interacted with the criminal justice system), [The Center on Colfax](https://lgbtqcolorado.org/) (LGBTQ+ youth community center), and so many more to bring visual arts programming and education to larger and more diverse audiences every year. Learn more about The Art Garage's partners [HERE](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/82). At The Art Garage, we believe everyone is an artist! Join us for an [upcoming class](https://artgaragedenver.com/courses), find us at [an event](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/294), [partner with us](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/82) to create unique and adaptive programming, and discover your creative spark!


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