Guest Artists

The Art Garage is a nonprofit that brings visual arts programming to students of all ages and walks of life - at our studios in the Park Hill neighborhood and throughout the greater Denver area. We strive to provide diverse programming to our students and are always looking for artists to teach techniques, projects, and media not taught by our current staff. **If you feel you have a unique skillset or perspective to bring to The Art Garage, we would love to have you fill out our** [**Guest Artist Inquiry Form**]( **and teach or co-teach a workshop with us!** Once your inquiry is received, The Art Garage administration will determine if any upcoming opportunities are a good fit for you and, if so, reach out to schedule an in-person meeting and provide you with a list of [existing workshops]( Please note that all Guest Artists will need to be background checked by The Art Garage before working with our students. The Art Garage's [mission]( is not only to provide arts programming for our greater Denver community, but also to connect with and support our community, local artists, and other organizations. As a guest artist, you would collaborate with one of our instructors to develop a demonstration or art project that showcases your unique style or technique. If you have a passion for the arts and a unique perspective to offer our students please fill out [THIS FORM](! If you would like more information about becoming a guest artist, please reach out to us via email at []( with any additional questions.