###### **Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our mission and advancing equity in the arts!** If you are interested in supporting The Art Garage, please follow [THIS LINK](https://artgaragedenver.com/articles/76) to find out how you can contribute to our mission! <br> **SCFD**\- Seven counties\. 300 organizations\. [SCFD](https://scfd.org/) connects people to arts, culture, and scientific experiences in their communities by providing meaningful opportunities no matter who they are or where they live **Office of Childrens Affairs/Denver Afterschool Alliance**- The [Denver Afterschool Alliance (DAA)](https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Agencies-Departments-Offices/Agencies-Departments-Offices-Directory/Office-of-Childrens-Affairs/ProgramsInitiatives/DenverAfterschoolAlliance) builds the capacity of afterschool programs and professionals to provide high-quality, diverse afterschool programs. The DAA works to ensure that all Denver children have access to afterschool programs that keep them safe, inspire them to learn, and prepare them for the future **Oblio's Pizza** - [Oblio’s](https://oblios.com/) is a neighborhood business that kindly provides pizza for our Parent’s Night Out programming every month! **Little Spoon** - [Little Spoon](https://www.littlespoon.com/?utm_medium=event&utm_source=partnership&utm_campaign=denver) sponsors 2024 Summer Camp snacks by generously providing free samples of organic snacks to The Art Garage! From their first-ever bites of solids to fun finger food phases and beyond, Little Spoon has your back. With over 50 million meals delivered, they're not just feeding kids, they're fostering a healthier next generation. Join the hundreds of thousands of families who trust Little Spoon to keep mealtime simple and healthy. **NINE dot ARTS** \- At [NINE dot Arts](https://ninedotarts.com/) they believe that how we experience a space influences how we interact with it. Experiences shape the way we inhabit, uplift, care for, take pride in, preserve, and evolve our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. NINE dot ARTS leverages art and culture to transform spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences that bring value to developers and make a positive social impact. Creative placemaking that boosts business and builds community, while utilizing local talent to incorporate into our projects and strengthen our community. **Nick Ferro and** [Ferro Works](http://www.ferroworks.co/) - Nick has designed, built, and donated many wood-working projects to The Art Garage including custom large-scale Jenga blocks, custom easels for public events, a large community loom, outdoor planter boxes, and a new top for our worn outdoor picnic tables. Ferro Works' mission is to promote creativity for its own sake, and also as a means to make our hearts, our homes and our world a more beautiful place. **Jonathan Defez and the Rena Defez Legacy Fund** \- Donations received honoring the legacy of Rina Defez “Rena Defez loved many things: Family (especially her grandchildren, friends and celebrating life to the fullest. Rena was also very passionate about art education and children. Despite her formal education and advanced degrees, she would often be found on the floor getting messy with her students. Rena had a magical way of communicating her love for art to children of all ages. By contributing to her legacy, you help The Art Garage provide art scholarships and programs in underprivileged communities.” **Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Fund** **Marna Steuart** **Melissa Frey** **Wes and Linda Brown** **A big thank you to all who support us by donating through **[Colorado Gives](https://www.coloradogives.org/organization/ArtGarage)**, providing material donations, volunteering, or serving on our Board of Directors - you are an invaluable part of our incredible community!** <br> <br>


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