Portraits with Pizzazz: Grades 6-8 (at Westerly Creek Elementary: open to the public)

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This class takes place at Westerly Creek Elementary School (8800 E 28th Ave, Denver, CO 80238). This class is open to the public, and not limited to Westerly Creek students. This week, campers will advance their drawing and painting skills as they create beautiful portraits with a colorful twist. The combination of realistic portrait drawing and paintings with backgrounds inspired by textile design will result in unique, contemporary portraits to admire. Inspired by the work of portrait artist Kehinde Wiley, students will create their own stencils to use as the grounds for their completed masterpieces. This class will combine both traditional portraiture methods with fun and modern mixed media patterning techniques.

*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our CLASS FAQ for additional information. If you are interested in financial assistance, apply for a Scholarship and wait for a response from our scholarship committee prior to registering here.

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    Mon 6/12, 8:30 am
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    Thu 6/15, 8:30 am
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