Party FAQ

Updated July 2021 **How do I book a party?** You can book a party by calling us at 303-377-2353 or emailing []( and paying the non refundable deposit. A $200 non refundable deposit secures your date and time and also covers the two hour space rental, the party instructor, party assistant and cleaning fee. **What will I pay on the day of the party?** On the day of the party, you will pay the project price per participant, which will typically be $12-$13 per participant depending on the project you choose. To see project options, visit our [Party Page.]( **What are the time and date options?** Parties are held on Saturdays at 10AM-12PM and 1PM-3PM. **How is the party structured?** The structure will vary slightly depending on the instructor and the age of the guests. As guests arrive and greet one another, there will be a busy activity at their desk (for example, markers/crayons and paper) for some free drawing. The instructor will give 15 minutes for guests to arrive before beginning the activity. Instructors and students will acknowledge as a group the guest and honor and the reason for celebrating. The instructor will lead an art project that will take approximately 90 minutes.  Within this time period the teacher may read a story and/or do a movement activity depending on the needs of the group as well as to allow needed drying time for projects prior to moving on to the next step. After the projects are completed, students will wash their hands.  The last 15 minutes of the party is used for family time.  This could be for opening gifts, distributing goodie bags (optional) or drawing with chalk outside within the fenced area (this would be parent supervised) during the pick up time. **What age does a child need to be to attend or be the guest of honor for a party?** Party participants and Guest of Honors are typically between the ages of 3 through adulthood! **How many guests can we have?** Parties may have a maximum of 10 guests who are participating in the art project (11 total including the birthday child) and a minimum of 4 guests who are participating in the art project (5 including the birthday child). **Can parents of guests stay for the party?** Parties are drop-off only for guests.  The birthday child’s family (adults and siblings) are welcome to stay for the duration of the party. **Do we need to wear masks?** Yes. All guests, parents, and staff ages 3 and older must wear masks at The Art Garage. **What is your COVID protocol?** Please see our [COVID FAQ]( for details about how The Art Garage is working to keep students, staff, and families safe. **What is recycled art sculpture and how is this lesson structured for a birthday party?** Recycled art sculpture is using recycled materials to make imaginative, figurative or representational art pieces.  Items that may be used in this workshop are paper towel rolls, plastic containers, corks, hot glue, etc. This is best for ages 6 years old+. This lesson is slightly less structured as each student is often making their own imaginative creation, unless requested by the family to follow a theme. **Do I need to tip the teachers/assistants?** Tips are optional, but greatly appreciated. **How early can I come to set up before our party?** You can come up to 20 minutes before your party begins to set up any personal decorations. **Can we bring food/cake?** Due to our current COVID-19 Protocol, we are not allowing food or cake to be eaten onsite at The Art Garage during parties. We recommend to-go goodie bags for guests to take home. **Can we bring alcohol?** No alcohol is permitted at kids’ parties. **Do you host adult art parties?** Yes! Give us a call to find out more at 303-377-2353 **Can we bring balloons?** Yes, you are welcome to bring balloons if you would like. **Do you allow piñatas?** No. **What if we need to reschedule our party?** There is an additional $25.00 fee for rescheduling after 48 hours of initial booking. **What if I need to cancel our party?** The $200 non refundable deposit to hold your date and time is non-refundable. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call us 303-377-2353.