Class FAQ

Updated May 2024 **Do I need to bring or purchase supplies?** No! The Art Garage will provide all needed supplies for all classes except Adult Open Studio. For Adult Open Studio, we ask that you bring your own consumable supplies (for example: paint, canvas, yarn) but you are welcome to use The Art Garage's non-consumable supplies (for example: paint brushes, palette knives, crochet hooks). On rare occasions, we will ask students to bring in special supplies like sticks, cardboard, or their own clothing (for some fiber arts classes), but this is never required. **Do I need to pack my child their own snack?** Yes, please pack your child a peanut free snack and water. If you enroll your student for the full day (9am-4pm), be sure to pack water, a lunch, and 2 snacks.  If your student does not have snack, they will be offered popcorn at snack time by The Art Garage staff. **Do you offer full day classes?** Yes! Our summer camps, Friday Workshops, and School Day Outs are offered from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Students ages 4+ can sign up for both sessions and stay for the supervised lunch hour (12pm-1pm) at no additional cost. If you enroll your student for the full day (9am-4pm), be sure to pack water, a lunch, and 2 snacks. **If my child is 3 years old, can they attend classes for the full day (9am-4pm)?** Our morning classes 9am-12pm are for our three year old students. We have found the afternoon class or full day has proven to be uniquely challenging for a three year old child. In order to provide highest quality of programing we are only offering half day classes for our three year old students. **What should my child wear?** Please dress your child to get messy, as not all paint we use in class comes out of clothing.  Summer camp students will receive one Art Garage t-shirt per summer that we recommend students use throughout their camp as an art smock.  We also have new Art Garage shirts available in a variety of sizes for a suggested donation of $10 each.  With  snack time for 3-hour classes being outside, it is also important that students wear or bring weather appropriate clothing and sun protection to class. **Who are your teachers and staff?** Our teachers are either local practicing artists or art educators who have extensive experience working with children. We check references and run background checks on all of our teachers and staff. **Can my child sign themselves in and out of class?** Students ages 9-17 can sign themselves in and out of class if they have been given permission in their online student profile. To check the applicable permissions under "Alternate Transportation" in your student's profile: log into your account, click on your name in the top right corner and choose “My Account.” Click the “Edit” button next to a student's name to edit their profile and click “Next” at the bottom right to skip pages. Transportation Permissions are at the bottom of the last page. **What if my child is not potty trained yet?** Unfortunately, your child is not able to attend drop-off classes at The Art Garage if they are not potty trained. <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">Students must be able to: tell an adult they have to go potty before they have to go, </span><span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">postpone going if they must wait for someone who is in the bathroom, </span><span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)">pull down their underwear and pants and get them back up without assistance, wipe themselves after using the toilet, and get on/off the potty by themselves. Children who are not yet potty trained may attend our toddler & me</span> [Artsy Tots](<span class="colour" style="color:rgb(0, 0, 0)"> classes with an adult, however!</span> **Can we carpool with another family to class?** Yes. Carpooling is not an issue for pick up and drop off. Please note that only siblings will be able to sit close together in class, however. Friends not living in the same household will adhere to our policy of 3-6ft social distancing in our classrooms even if they are in the same quarantine pod. **If my child is (5 or 8) can they join the next age group up (6-8 or 9-12 yr olds)?** Your child's birthdate must be within a month (turning 6 or 9) in order to register for the older age group. As our classes are combined ages, we want to ensure that our instructors are meeting the needs of and challenging the participants in age appropriate ways. Therefore, it is important to register your child for the correct age group. **What does it mean if the class I want to register for says 'Alert Me'?** This means that the class is full. By clicking on this button, you will be added to an email list. Everyone on this list will be alerted simultaneously if space opens up in this class. Filling the open spot will be first come, first served through the website. **How likely is it that I will get into a class through this alert?** It varies by class, but most of the roster changes that do happen are within a couple days of the class or the day of the class beginning. **Can my child transfer into a different class than what we registered for?** Yes, we are able to transfer your child to a different class if space allows.  Space is very limited this winter so please call us ASAP to transfer your child to another class at 303-377-2353. **Can I give or sell my registration to a friend?** Yes. A sale or gift of your registration to a third party is permitted. The Art Garage MUST be notified of any changes to your registration and the purchaser or recipient of your registration must create an account on The Art Garage’s website if they do not already have one. You can create an account [HERE]( **Will classes ever be canceled due to inclement weather?** We will make every effort to conduct all classes even in inclement weather. If a class needs to be delayed or canceled due to severe weather, we will post the delay/closure on our website, social media, and voicemail greeting and make every effort to email and call all families prior to the class start time.  Please take your safety into consideration when coming to classes and be sure your online profile is updated with a phone number and e-mail so we can contact you immediately in the case of any closures.