Artsy Toddlers: Transitional Class (October)

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In this class, we will work as a team to help your toddlers transition to drop-off classes while exploring a variety of visual art materials and processes. Adults will have the option to stay with their toddlers while they work on age-appropriate projects or step out and allow their toddler to try their hands at working alone in a safe and supportive environment. These classes are perfect for little artists that have taken our Artsy Tots classes and are getting ready to begin school or take drop-off classes here at The Art Garage! Each class will consist of 1 hour of structured activities designed to develop motor skills, engage toddlers in the visual arts, and encourage independent creativity.
*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our CLASS FAQ page for up to date information. If you are interested in financial assistance, apply for a Scholarship and wait for a response from our scholarship committee prior to registering here.

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    Thu 10/5, 11:30 am
    Thu 10/12, 11:30 am
    Thu 10/19, 11:30 am
    Thu 10/26, 11:30 am
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    Tue 10/3
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    Transitional Class