Art, Paper, Scissors/Surreal Silhouettes

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Surrealists, like Rene Magritte, created dreamy worlds by superimposing silhouettes onto mysterious backgrounds. This week, imaginations will be stretched as artists experiment with the silhouette, positive and negative space, composition, figure, shade, tint, patterning and so much more! Students will paint colorful textures which will be used to create custom silhouettes that may take both animal and human form! We’ll play with the juxtaposition of our cut shapes and swap foregrounds and backgrounds to create our own unique visual poetry! This class will also explore the world of Henri Matisse and how his compositions compare to those of Rene Magritte. Matisse’s foremost paintings will be explored such as “Goldfish”, “Vase with Fruit” and “The Open Window”. In this portion of class, students will get to discover Matisse’s unconventional use of color known as “Fauvism” and create their own Matisse inspired masterpieces. We’ll finish off the week by creating artwork with a silhouette of our self that combines both worlds from Magritte and Matisse!

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