Art Rodeo/Illustrative Art

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Dust off your spurs and your 10-gallon hat - It’s time for another fun summer class at the Art Garage Corral! Cowgirls and cowboys will bring stories about the American West to life through the use of mixed media as they illustrate their own rodeo stories! Students will draw and design their own rodeo arena and complete their very own story to go along with it! We will also create our very own “stick horse” using paper mache, paint pop up cactus flowers, and reimagine the great plains with illustrative collage. Whether it’s your first rodeo or not, you’ll be sure to say “Yee- Haaaw!”

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    Mon 7/27, 1:00 pm
    Tue 7/28, 1:00 pm
    Wed 7/29, 1:00 pm
    Thu 7/30, 1:00 pm
    Fri 7/31, 1:00 pm
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    Sat 7/25
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