Botanical Art: Virtual Class

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Roses are red, violets are blue, I like to make art, how about you?! In this live virtual class, students will have the opportunity to refine their drawing and painting (watercolor and acrylic) skills during a week of observational art-making on Zoom. Materials Kits for the week will be available for pick up at The Art Garage to help you further your skills by focusing on the color, shape, and lines that make up different flowers! Closely observing and then replicating flowers and having the opportunity to set up their own still life is sure to be essential to advancing students' artistic skills!

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    Mon 7/13, 9:30 am
    Tue 7/14, 9:30 am
    Wed 7/15, 9:30 am
    Thu 7/16, 9:30 am
    Fri 7/17, 9:30 am
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    Sat 7/11
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