Pop Art!: Virtual Class

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Come explore the world of pop art in this live virtual class! We will be meeting daily on Zoom to explore the art movement and style with the help of Materials Kits you can pick up at The Art Garage. We will get inspired by many pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Klaus Oldenburg, and Wayne Thiebaud and students will create bright bold artwork in a variety of media such as collage, painting, and drawing!

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    Mon 7/6, 9:30 am
    Tue 7/7, 9:30 am
    Wed 7/8, 9:30 am
    Thu 7/9, 9:30 am
    Fri 7/10, 9:30 am
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    Sat 7/4
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    Online - LIVE
    Mixed Media
    Summer Camp