Mindful Multimedia Art: Grades K-2 (at McGlone Academy: open to the public)

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This class takes place at McGlone Academy (4500 Crown Blvd, Denver, 80239). This class is open to the public, and not limited to McGlone students. Art is naturally therapeutic and can help us find joy and relaxation in process and life. In this camp, we will invite students to explore the arts through a mindful lens. Young artists will use all of their senses to create soft and beautiful artwork as they explore concepts of mindfulness in age-appropriate ways. Students will practice yoga daily, get inspired by books that incorporate social emotional elements and mindfulness, and bring home art that will lend an element of relaxation to your home.
*Please note: This program is grant funded and attendance is required. Families will be refunded $5 per day attended on the last day of class, up to the full $20 tuition.

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    Mon 7/17, 8:30 am
    Tue 7/18, 8:30 am
    Wed 7/19, 8:30 am
    Thu 7/20, 8:30 am
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    Sat 7/15
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    Mixed Media
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