Make A Mural!: Grades 6-8 (at McGlone Academy: open to the public)

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This class takes place at McGlone Academy (4500 Crown Blvd, Denver, 80239). This class is open to the public, and not limited to McGlone students. Students in this camp will collaborate from start to finish to make their street art mark with a mural. They will brainstorm as a group, sketch their own ideas, then work together to create the design for a large-scale mural that will be completed throughout the week. Campers will learn how to enlarge and transfer their design onto the wall using the grid system and then execute new techniques to paint it all in!
*Please note: This program is grant funded and attendance is required. Families will be refunded $5 per day attended on the last day of class, up to the full $20 tuition.

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    Mon 7/17, 8:30 am
    Tue 7/18, 8:30 am
    Wed 7/19, 8:30 am
    Thu 7/20, 8:30 am
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    Sat 7/15
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    Summer Camp
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