Visual Art Portfolio Prep: Creative Prompts (October)

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This 4-week session of our Portfolio Prep series will focus on drawing from a creative prompt. Thinking beyond literal meanings, we will discuss creative thought processes and how to translate them into interesting and expressive artwork. Each week will hold a different and insightful prompt to help channel your student's creativity into portfolio-ready artwork that expresses their individual style and ideas.
*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our CLASS FAQ page for up to date information. If you are interested in financial assistance, apply for a Scholarship and wait for a response from our scholarship committee prior to registering here.

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    Wed 10/4, 4:30 pm
    Wed 10/11, 4:30 pm
    Wed 10/18, 4:30 pm
    Wed 10/25, 4:30 pm
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    Mon 10/2
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