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Can you draw razor sharp teeth, an array of stripes, or a fluffy mane? Learn about lions, crocodiles, zebras and more as we take an African Safari through the Serengeti and have some wild art adventures! Students will have a great time developing their fine motor skills while using mixed media techniques to create a different African animal each day.
*Please note: We have a no refund policy. Be sure to visit our SUMMER FAQ  page for up to date information. If you are interested in financial assistance, apply for a Scholarship and wait for a response from our scholarship committee prior to registering here.

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    Mon 7/22, 9:00 am
    Tue 7/23, 9:00 am
    Wed 7/24, 9:00 am
    Thu 7/25, 9:00 am
    Fri 7/26, 9:00 am
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    Sat 7/20
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    Mixed Media
    Summer Camp